Disney California Adventure Park – Radiator Springs Racers

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Within Disney California Adventure Park’s newest addition of Cars Land , guests are transporter into the world they’ve come to love in Disney Pixar’s Cars movie. We had a chance to visit the park and ride the biggest attraction within Cars Land, the Radiator Springs Racers. Join us on the ride and experience it yourself.

The imaginers’ worked their magic, recreating Radiator Springs from Flo’s V8 Café (where you can sit and enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks) to Luigi’s Flying Tires (where you can float on a floor of air, bumping into other tire riders). But the real attraction everyone is buzzing about is the Radiator Springs Racers.

Based on the technology used within Disney World’s Test Track attraction within Epcot (a favourite of ours), guests are invited to step within a friendly Cars-like racer card for the ride of their life. Although the cars used within the Racers ride are generic they are brought to life with the wonderful eyes on the windshield. You won’t find Lightning McQueen or Ramone on the track but that didn’t faze any of the kids we ran into waiting in line. In their mind McQueen was there (the red car) and Sally (the blue car) and even Holly from Cars 2 (the purple car).

The ride takes you on a slow drive through Ornament Valley but then things get harry when you enter a tunnel. This is where the test track-like fun begins with stops and sharp turns. Riders then enter Radiator Springs, seeing great anatramotics of their favourite characters, and get their car ready with either a new set of tires or a new paint job (the track divides). Then the race begins and this is where Radiator Springs Racers takes the ride up a knotch. Not only to you race through the red rock hills and curves, you race another car to see who crosses the finish line first.

We loved the ride. You can take a peek at the experience yourself through the video below:

Cars Land’s new Radiator Springs Racers is a thrill ride sure to please your Cars fans, big and little.

Thanks to the folks at Disney Parks (Canada) for the opportunity to attend the opening of Cars Land. Photo: Paul Hiffmeyer/Disneyland Resort

Sharing is Caring!