11 Carry-On Essentials

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When traveling with kids everyone seems to focus on keeping the kids entertained, packing gear to occupy them, but moms need a little distraction too. Some essentials in my carry-on or personal travel bag include but are not limited to:

1. Airplus Aloe Infused Socks
Stuck on the airplane for hours I love to slip off my shoes and slide into a pair of these super soft and soothing sockettes. It removes the restrictive feeling of shoes but keeps your feet comfy and warm. It’s a little thing that can make you feel so relaxed.

2. Melissa and Doug Family Dinner Questions
Sometimes downtime can also be fun time with the kids. We use these cards often when dining out and they’re great fun. The small box fits nicely in my bag to pull out on the plane, in the airport, or dining out at our final destination.

3. Stash Tea Bags
I’ve never been a coffee drinker. Tea is my relaxing elixir. Most planes offer coffee and tea but if you have a preferred brand it’s best to bring a few tea bags and request hot water. Having these on hand in your bag also comes in handy should you have a layover or delay in the airport.

4. Gravol
As a family who likes to travel we discovered early on that our youngest doesn’t travel well, as in she gets sick. Just like when packing for a road trip tucking a few chewable tabs of Gravol in my bag means I don’t have to worry about sudden upset tummies.

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5. Samsung Galaxy Tablet Pro 8.4 I love my Samsung Galaxy S4 phone for emails and keeping in touch but this tablet is ideal for a little more fun like writing, watching a show or reading a magazine. If you’re new to Next Issue Canada you can try it on your Galaxy Tablet Pro for 90-days for free! You may have read my review on this subscription service already.

6. Sony Xperia Smartphone
Although I love my Galaxy Tablet, this Sony Xperia Z1 from Telux will be perfect when combined with one of their Travel Passes ] and their Travel Tracker portal to keep on top of my data usage. Plus this phone can be used underwater, perfect for those swimming pool and waterslide shots.

7. Taste of Nature Organic Bars
Our Junior Style Blogger wrote about these recently as a nice after school snack and I have to agree. I love the mix of seeds and fruit with a honey coating to hold it all together; a perfect treat that’s also kind of good for you.

8. Joey Shulman’s Skinny Chews
Ever notice when you can’t have something you want it more? Being on the plane, left with nothing but overpriced snacks, the urge to eat something seems to hit me strongest. A few of these chocolate chews will help me make it through the flight.

9. Bliss Handcream
Like the Airplus socks can be a nice treat, Bliss Handcream can also offer a reprieve from the often drying airplane air. There’s a reason why this handcream is one of my favourite dry skin products.

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To stimulate the brain, Will Shortz Presents The Dangerous Book of KenKen from Raincoast Books, and to rest the eyes on the red eye ride home, a Jet Set Go eye mask from PC Home. With my carry-on essentials I’m actually looking forward to our next family trip.

Sharing is Caring!

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