Avoid Roaming Fees When Traveling to the US

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We love traveling to the US, whether it’s a road trip to Florida or visiting the beaches of Hawaii. Crossing the border never feels like I’m visiting another country until I try to use my phone. I rely a lot on phone to keep me connected but who needs the added cost of roaming fees? TELUS understands my need.

In the past I’ve always used relied on my TELUS Travel Pass, whether I was heading to Maui for two weeks or crossing the border for the weekend. Even with my data and messaging covered I would still worry about going over my allotted amount, checking for WIFI spots and turning my data off when I wasn’t using it. These are all good rules to follow when traveling but the constant worrying can be stressful. Should I share my pool photo on instagram even without WIFI? Do I turn my data on to search for directions to a local restaurant?

Now with US Easy Roam from TELUS I can breath easy. I can share, tweet, search, and snapchat what I want when I want and it will only cost me $7 Cdn a day. Whether I post an image of a Hawaiian sunset on instagram or Periscope an experience at Walt Disney World, the fee is still the same. Just $7 a day.

That noise you here, that is me exhaling, spending less time worrying about when and where to use my phone in the US and more time enjoying my travels. US Easy Roam means I can access my Canadian data plan in the US, the way I’ve always thought it should be. No stress and no unexpected fees when I return home.

To use the US Easy Roam service from TELUS you have to set it up on your phone ahead of time then it just kicks in automatically when you travel into US territory. I received a text message from TELUS reminding me when I crossed the border. The great thing about the new US Easy Roam service is that you’re only charged on the days you use your data not the number of days you’re traveling in the US. Rely on WIFI or don’t use your phone on a particular day of your trip? You’re not changed for that day. How great is that? So now instead of a flat fee of $25 (the US Combo Pass 25, the lowest TELUS travel pass available), I can pay as low as $7 plus I have access to a lot more data on my home plan versus any Travel Pass available. To me it’s a no brainer.

The only feature I would change on the US Easy Roam service from TELUS is being sent a (free) text message informing me each day I access my data versus just when I enter the country. It just reminds me that I have accessed the service that day.

I have to say extra fees when using my phone in the US doesn’t thrill me but having access to the convenience of my home plan wherever I go in North America is liberating. On our last 10-day trip to Florida I didn’t stress once about using my phone, whether it was to post an image or search for directions. That’s the way travel should be.

You can learn more about the various TELUS Travel Passes and the new US Easy Roam on the TELUS website.

As a TELUS advocate and member of Team TELUS I’ll be sharing similar posts like this but as always the thoughts and opinions are my own.

Sharing is Caring!

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