An Afternoon with the Simpsons in Springfield

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Imagine how excited we all were when given the chance to visit our favourite Springfield family, the Simpsons.

As we made our way to Springfield, located on a section of street within Universal Studio Orlando, we stumbled upon the famous couple hanging out in their RV.

family travel simpsons springfield RV

My youngest daughter was so excited about visiting Springfield she started to take on characteristics of Marge. A blue wig hat is certainly much cheaper than colouring her hair.

family travel simpsons springfield marge

Walking through Springfield you’ll be able to visit some of town’s iconic locations. Of course the first thing on our list was lunch and as Lisa Simpson discovered, you can’t make friends with salad, so it was off to Krusty Burger.

family travel simpsons springfield krustyburger

Actually you could enjoy food from Krusty Burger as well as Cletus’ Chicken Farm, the Flying Dutchman and even Moe’s Tavern. You can enter each building, with the theme carried through into the inside but all food counters were accessible from one line.  You’ll find a variety of seating arranged inside restaurant row but don’t panic if you notice all the empty seats have Reserved signs on them. The folks at Universal Studios Orlando have figured out a way to remove the stress of finding a table after picking up your order from a quick service counter. After you’ve paid and grabbed your utensils and sauces, a staff member will direct you to one of those reserved tables based on your party’s size. This was wonderful.

family travel simpsons springfield moestavern

family travel simpsons springfield bumblebee

While eating, the kids were mesmerized by the various televisions located throughout the seating area, playing clips from the Simpsons. I’m not sure what it says about my family when we could quote the lines from most of the shows.

You could also order a Duff Beer – Duff, Duff Light, and Duff Dark, brewed exclusively for Universal Studios Orlando, or enjoy the non-alcoholic Flaming Moe that bubbled like a science experiment.

family travel simpsons springfield duffbeer sign

family travel simpsons springfield duffbar

Although most of my family grabbed a Krusty Burger, my son and I had to try the Chicken and Waffle sandwich. Most meals come with some sort of fried side (curly fries, tatter tots, etc.) but you can opt for a side of fruit at no cost, a much better option in my opinion.

family travel simpsons springfield krustyburger

family travel simpsons springfield chickenwaffle lunch

No feeding frenzy would be complete within Springfield without a doughnut and Universal Studios has a supersized version. The doughnut itself is like cake though the icing is sickenly sweet.

family travel simpsons springfield doughnut

If you didn’t grab a Duff Beer or Flaming Moe in restaurant row, you could pull up a bar stool at Duff Beer with a counter lined with Duff Beer taps. . Although most of Springfield centers on the sights, there are a couple of rides. You’ll find the existing 4D Springfield ride if you’re into virtual ride experiences, plus the new Khang’s Twirl ‘n Hurl saucer ride.

family travel simpsons springfield twirlwhirlsign2

family travel simpsons springfield twirlwhirlride

Overall Universal Studios Orlando did a fabulous job bring Springfield to life, adding small touches that fans would really appreciate, from Bort nametags and Krusty Burger liners to Spider Pig as one of the sideshow prizes. I really felt like we’d taken a step into a world we’ve become familiar with on television.

family travel simpsons springfield details

Thanks to the folks at Universal Studios Orlando for the chance to visit Springfield.

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