9 Places to Eat in Nashville

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Road trips with the family don’t have to mean expensive dinners or fast food chain meals. In Nashville we stumbled upon some delicious dishes and tasty treats all without breaking our traveling budget and here are 9 of our favourite picks.


A visit to Music Row is a must and right in the middle of all the craziness on Broadway you’ll find Merchants. The Bistro, located on the ground floor, offers great meals for a family budget. Enjoy burgers, fish tacos, even mac and cheese but be sure to leave room for a delicious root beer float. A window booth facing Broadway will give you lots to watch. 401 Broadway, Nashville.

nashville eats merchants

Rocket Fizz Soda Pop Candy Shop

Okay, this isn’t a place to grab lunch but kids and adults alike will enjoy a little bit of candy heaven at Rocket Fizz Soda Pop Candy Shop and it’s not far from the famed Music Row . Create a custom bag from a whole wall of soft toffee flavours or select a drink from their collection of soda, including some crazy brands like Peanut Butter and Mighty Mouse.  201 North 2nd Avenue, Nashville.

nashville eats sodapop candyshop

Omni Hut

Take a step into the South Seas at the Omni Hut just outside of Nashville. This tiki oasis will serve up some pit cooked dishes and wonderful hospitality. I enjoyed the pineapple wrapped in bacon but the kids loved having a little volcano for dessert. The Omni Hut isn’t licenced though you might be able to pick up one of their limited edition tiki mugs made by Tiki Farm, we did. 618 S Lowry St, Smyrna.

nashville eats omnihut

Corsair Distillery

You won’t find food to fill your belly but you will tease your palette with wonderful libations in the Corsair Distillery spirit room. Sample their handcrafted spirits in a lovely cocktail you can enjoy in the open courtyard. The kids enjoyed some blood orange sodas and I also learned I can’t drink rum neat. 1200 Clinton St #110, Nashville.

nashville eats corsair distillery

Bang Candy Company

If you’re going to indulge in sweets on your visit, handmade is the way to go. Bang Candy Company offers delightful artisian marshmallows you’ll love to savour. You’ll also find other homemade goodies and sandwiches you can enjoy in their cute little café. I’m looking forward to cocktail making with the armful of their handmade syrups I purchased. 1300 Clinton Street, Nashville.

nashville eats bang candy

Sloco Sandwiches

Drive over to the 12 South neighbourhood for some of the best handmade sandwiches. Sloco Sandwiches are made with locally sourced and sustainable ingredients and this comes through in their amazing sandwiches.  From brisket and pulled pork to vegan and kid-sized sandwiches, you’ll find something to appeal to all appetites. Toss in some organic chips and natural soda to make a full meal. 2905 12th Ave S, Nashville.

nashville eats sloco sandwiches

Las Paletas

After enjoying a sandwich at Sloco (from previous slide), walk a few stores down to Las Paletas for a delicious dessert. You’ll never want a frozen sugarwater popscile after you’ve tried one of these gourmet popsicles. Choose from their chalkboard menu a selection of Creamy or Fruit popsicles. The hardest part will be deciding. 2905 12th Ave S, Nashville.

nashville eats las paletas

Hot Diggity Dogs

They start out as ordinary hot dogs but it’s the dressing that makes all the difference at the small Hot Diggity Dogs house. They’re known for their Chicago dog but my favourite is the Nashville with a side of fried pickles. Their covered back patio is the perfect spot for noshing. 614 Ewing Ave, Nashville.

nashville eats hotdiggitydog

Loveless Café

From the neon lights and brick buildings to the rolling green hills, the Loveless Café is a bit of a drive from the city center but oh so worth it for traditional southern home cooking. Paruse the menu as you enjoy complimentary homemade biscuits. I loved the fried chicken partnered with tea and a sidecar of moonshine. 8400 Hwy 100, Nashville, TN.

nashville eats loveless cafe

Join us at Loveless cafe in our following video tour:

Not having to worry about hotel parking fees and in and out privileges at the Hotel Preston, where we were staying, meant getting around the city of Nashville was easy and tasty.

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  1. These are some good picks, but I would like to add a couple if you don’t mind. 🙂 I love the hot chicken and pimento mac n cheese from Hattie B’s. The first official candy bar was the Goo Goo and you can take a chocolate class downtown and make your very OWN Goo Goo! They also show you how to make a brownie with peanut butter icing and a Goo Goo milkshake. There’s plenty of sweet goodness here!


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