6 Reasons Families Will Love Hyatt Regency Coconut Point

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For many families Florida is calling but sometimes you want a break from theme parks or the beach crowds. Hyatt Regency Coconut Point, located less than 30-minutes from the Southwest Florida International Airport, offers a perfect Florida vacation without the need to leave the resort.

6 Reasons Families Will Love Hyatt Regency Coconut Point for their Florida Vacation

Family Rooms at Coconut Point

Coconut Point understands that not all families fit into the standard make-up of four (2 adults and 2 kids) or perhaps your kids are older and you’re looking for a little more space to spread out. These family rooms are two rooms connected (not adjoined) that are booked at the same time. To help families out, the second room is sold at 50% off the standard room rate. But rooms are limited so you have to book these family rooms by calling the resort directly. I love this option instead of paying for two full rooms to fit our family of five.

family travel florida vacation coconut point family room view

family travel florida vacation coconut point room view image 2

Visit our family travel playlist on Youtube for a walkthrough of my room.

Family Vacation Fun at the Onsite Waterpark

You can’t go wrong with your pool options at the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point: waterfall pool in the main courtyard, an adult only pool for when you’re trying to escape your kids, and an activity pool with a zero grade entry area for even the smallest water fans. The activity pool also has two waterslides, one for toddlers and another for those “almost” big kids.

Family travel florida vacation coconut point waterfall pool

family travel florida vacation coconut point zero entry pool image

Bigger kids (and parents) will like the expanded waterpark just off to the side of the activity pool. Here you’ll find too taller and faster corkscrew slides as well as a twisty tube slide. The tube slide also splashes down into the lazy river but you don’t have to ride the slide to enjoy this floating fun. You can learn more about how the resort brings water fun into the park on this post.

family travel florida vacation coconut point lazy river image

family travel florida vacation coconut point corkscrew slide waterpark image

You can also join me as I take the plunge down all three new slides:

Great Florida Food Options at the Hyatt’s Restaurants

If you’ve followed me to Chicago, Maui, Nashville, and Key West, you know food is key when it comes to us planning family trip. Hyatt Regency Coconut Point offers a few dining options that will appeal to your family’s foodie side:

family travel florida vacation coconut point resort night view image
Coconut Point Resort’s many outdoor areas are inviting when lit at night.

Cool Beans – great spot to grab your morning coffee, juice or tea (they sell Starbucks coffee so you don’t need to worry about missing your fix). I enjoyed a quick yogurt parfait or fresh baked good out by the fountain.

family travel florida vacation coconut point cool beans cafe image

Tanglewood – offers a breakfast buffet if you’re looking for something more substantial. I loved their salad options for lunch, especially when you could add fresh seafood. They have a nice screened in patio too if you like to sit outside by the sound of the rushing waterfall pool.

family travel florida vacation coconut point seating areas
Coconut Point Resort offers guests a variety of outdoor seating options to extend their day outside.

Tarpon Bay – is a great spot for seafood lovers, a highlight when visiting Florida. I loved the cottage feel with the white clapboard walls and wonderful lighting. They even have a ceviche bar where you can sit and watch them prepare a selection of lovely seafood salads. Can’t decide? Try the flight of eight to sample with the whole family. Of course you could find a few vegetarian and meat options but seafood is definitely this restaurant’s specialty.

family travel florida vacation coconut point tarpon bay seafood image

Corkscrew – offers a fun poolside menu including burgers, sandwiches, and traditional snack items. The Jerk Chicken sandwich and Fish Tacos appealed to me. This is also the place to get a refreshing cocktail or a local draft from the café’s bottom’s up draft system (you can see more about it in this video).

family travel florida vacation coconut point poolside dining image

Mangroves and the Belvedere Room – are two options to enjoy some handcrafted cocktails for the parents and drinks for the kids. The Mangroves offers a pool table and televisions to catch the game whereas the Belvedere Room is more like a living room, creating a nice place to hang out before dinner and perhaps play a game of checkers.

family travel florida vacation coconut point belvedere room view image

The variety is nice but it’s the quality that makes a difference. I was impressed especially with the seafood options and how it was prepared either on it’s own or as an add-on such as with my salad.

Coconut Point’s Private Peach

It’s true, the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point isn’t located on the sandy Florida coast but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a beach vacation. It’s perhaps an even better beach vacation since the beach you have access to is a private beach. From the resort’s marina (a trolley ride or boardwalk stroll away) you can take their ferry over to their secluded beach on Big Hickory Island. You’ll find lounge chairs and umbrellas, an expansive sandy beach without the crowds, and lots of shells for your kids to add to their holiday collection. Even the ferry ride adds to the whole experience as you spot fish, gulls and the occasional dolphin.

family travel florida vacation coconut point private beach ferry ride image

family travel florida vacation coconut point sandy private beach image

Family Vacation Escape for Mom at the Stillwater Spa

This may not be a big eye catcher as far as the kids are concerned but mom will love having Stillwater Spa on site. It’s especially nice after you spend an adventurous day with the family, trying water sports, swimming or the rock wall. Don’t just rush in for a treatment and rush out. Savour every moment but enjoying the lounge, steam room, dry sauna and even the co-ed pool. Don’t worry, dad can watch the kids by the pool.

family travel florida vacation coconut point stillwater spa image

Ideal Family Vacation with Lots of Onsite Activities

If the pools, waterslides, and private beach are not enough to keep you and the kids entertained, you’ll find other distractions onsite at no additional cost. You can enjoy a rock wall climb, try your hand at a round of mini golf, take on the hole-in-one challenge, enjoy a few lawn games on a sunny afternoon or a board game to escape the heat, and even grab a movie to enjoy in your room. And for downtime, like reading a good book or sharing a few fun jokes, you’ll find many seating nooks inside and out.

family travel florida vacation coconut point free rock wall climbing image

family travel florida vacation coconut point fire pit smores image

Accommodations with family in mind, dining options that will tantalize and activities that will keep everyone entertained, the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort & Spa offer families a great Florida vacation without having to leave the property. Just arrive and enjoy. And when you do, I would recommend you add these to your list:

The folks at Hyatt Regency Coconut Point hosted my trip for the purpose of this review but all opinions are my own. They did not review this piece before publishing.

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