11 Reasons Families Love Great Wolf Lodge

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It’s dark and cold and you think you’ll loose your mind if you have to struggle to get the kids into their snow gear one more day. It might be time for a quick break and Great Wold Lodge in Niagara Falls could offer the solution.

We had been to the lodge once before but it wasn’t until our most recent visit that I realized why families love this resort so much.

Waterpark for all Ages.

No surprise the number one reason has to be the water park. Whether you have toddlers or teens, Niagara Falls Great Wolf Lodge has a slippery wet thrill for them all. I especially love the features the whole family can enjoy together such as Crystal River (lazy river), Rainbow Lake wave pool and the four person Wooly Mammoth waterslide.

Family Travel Great Wolf Lodge Lazyriver

Water Safety. Of course a public water park like Great Wolf Lodge takes water safety and cleanliness seriously but I never really understood to what extent until a recent behind the scenes pump room tour. Not only does the water go through an extensive filtering process but I was surprised that the water for each attraction goes through its own UV screening to get those elements we don’t see. The pool also relies on its customers to naturally deplete the daily water supply, which is then topped up. The system was impressive. Even with all those kids in one area I feel pretty confident about my family’s safety when it comes to the water park water.  

Family Travel Great Wolf Lodge Water Safety1

The Grand Living Room. You might call it the lobby but the Lodge refers to it as The Grand Living Room and rightly so. I just love this area with its large wood-burning fireplace at the center. Beyond just an area to check-in, you will find families sitting together reading on the many log cabin-like couches or warming themselves by the fire. We even saw a family playing a small game in an open area. Kids will be on the hunt for the animated animals overlooking the living room and even interact with the animated Rusty and Mo the Moose. It’s such a welcome area when you’re looking to escape the room.

Family Travel Great Wolf Lodge Livingroom

Free Fun. The water is fun but it is possible for some families to feel a little water logged. The Niagara Falls Great Wolf Lodge offers kids a number of free fun distractions. Start the day off with the Forest Friends Show or a Wolf Walk around The Grand Living Room. End the night with story time in your pajamas. On Friday nights the whole family can get ready for the weekend with a Family Dance Party. All of these activities are free and available for all guests plus you can check The Lodge’s online activity schedule for any additional activities planned.

Family Travel Great Wolf Lodge Dance Party

Fun Outside of the Water. Along with the free activities offered at Niagara Falls Great Wolf Lodge, families can enjoy other activities like a manicure fit for a princess at the Scoops Kid Spa. My oldest daughter enjoyed her pampering experience on our last visit. You can even try your luck at the Northern Lights Arcade or take a spin at the new Ten Paw Bowling. Of course I think our favourite out of the water activity had to be the mission-style scavenger hunt, MagiQuest. Every free moment the kids were out of the water they had their wands in hand.

Family Travel Great Wolf Lodge MagiQuest Fun

The Great Outdoor Hot Spa. If your kids are old enough to roam the water park on their own like our three (age 8, 10, 12), you can indulge in a little adult treat. Tucked discretely away behind the entrance to the Wooly Mammoth slide is a little gate labeled for guests 18 and over. From this gate you step into a pool of water that takes you through a plastic curtain to an outdoor hot tub. My husband and I stumbled upon this one evening and it was heavenly. The watery swimwway breaks into what appears to be four circular hot tubs with built-in seating. I say “seems like” because the steam from the hot spa water into the winter chilled air acted like a bit of a shroud. My husband and I found a secluded corner and just savoured in the mix of hot and cold under the black sky. Heaven.

A Cottage in The Lodge. Niagara Falls Great Wolf Lodge offers a number of great accommodations for families but if you’re looking for a real treat try one of their themed suites like the Wolf Den or KidKamp Suites offering a bunk bed for the kids in a themed alcove along with their own TV. My kids loved the slightly larger KidCabin Suite. The cabin included a bunkbed as well as a single bed (great for our three kids) and their own TV. The adults enjoyed a queen bed and sofa plus a gas fireplace underneath our wall mounted TV. The themed rooms enable you to extended the family adventure and give mom and dad a little separation from the kid’s cartoons.

Family Travel Great Wolf Lodge KidCabin1

All-in-One Wristbands. When traveling with kids I love convenience. The wristbands at Niagara Falls Great Wolf Lodge not only give you waterpark access, you scan them to enter your room and can even use them to make charges such as food in the waterpark, arcade tokens, even items in the Trading Post. Of course they make great souvenirs of your trip too. I must admit my family kept their bands on long after our weekend visit was over.

Free Shutterfly Photo Book.

Mementos of your trip are a great way to remember an experience after the moment has passed. The wristband is a nice free keepsake but when we visited Great Wolf Lodge recently we were also offered a free photo book in Great Wolf Lodge style. Be sure to grab your special code from your room. I think we’ll start a collection of these.

Great Wolf Lodge Benefits Free Photobook

The Staff. From the front desk and wait staff to the lifeguards and cleaning staff, the folks employed at Niagara Falls Great Wolf Lodge all seem to love their job and it comes through when they interact with guests. When we ran into a room snag, the front desk was quick to help and ensure everything was taken care of quickly. Most of the lifeguards manning the top of the slides were engaging, asking the kids if they were excited or if they had been on this particular slide before. Those colourful wristbands also help staff to better serve you as each colour denotes if you’ve just just arrived, are about to depart or part of a special group. This helps staff to recognize guests and their needs.

Special Discount. If you’ve never been to Niagara Falls Great Wolf Lodge or perhaps it has been some time since your last visit, this winter may be the perfect time to get away. The low Canadian dollar makes Great Wolf Lodge’s only Canadian destination a perfect location but to make it even more enticing we have a special discount code to receive 20% off: EMOMFUN.

The 20% discount will apply for reservations that occur between Feb 1, 2015 to April 30, 2015. The promo code will expire on Feb 19, 2015. The promo code is based on availability.  Current blackout dates are February 6, 7, 9, 13-18, 20-21, March 6-7, 16-17, 2015.

The winter season often seems to drag of forever. A little tropical escape with the family may make the cold days a little more bearable until spring arrives.

Thanks to the folks at Niagara Falls Great Wolf Lodge for hosting us for the purpose of this review.

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