10 Reasons to Travel with a Phablet

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I recently attended a media trip with my kids to cover the launch of Mickey and the Magical Map at Disneyland in California. In order to create a successful trip for both work and pleasure, I needed ONE lightweight mobile device that could do it all. I found everything I needed, and more, in the LG Optimus G Pro’s “phablet”.

Mobile phones are getting smarter and some are getting bigger. These bigger smartphones are sometimes being called “phablets” because they are a cross between a phone and a tablet. Because I need my mobile device to be more than just a phone, I much prefer the bigger models, like the LG Optimus G Pro, compared to the smaller phones, even more so when traveling, and here’s why:


10 reasons why I like to travel with a phablet:


1. Create and Share Videos

I love the quality of the HD Videos the LG Optimus G Pro takes.  I need a bit of practice in actually taking the videos, being mindful of what I am shooting etc, so being able to edit the videos right on the device with the Video Wiz app was a big lifesaver for me.  Adding a bit of personality to the video always makes it a bit more fun to share, too.  It was super easy to share our videos right to our Tout or YouTube account right from the device in no time at all.

LG PRO Trim Videos


Take a peek at the video of us riding the Radiator Springs Racers I shot and edited all on my LG Optimus G Pro.  I was mainly aiming to get the kid’s reaction to the ride using the dual recording feature.  The first track starts off with single recording and then I move onto dual recording.  Yes, all while on the fast and furious Radiator Springs Racer ride, it’s that simple.  (Don’t mind the sound, the wind of the ride really adds some background noise…)


2. Share Photos

The LG Optimus G Pro makes it super easy to share your photos with all your networks in one spot.  I’ve used the Quick Memo function to make on screen red circles on the destinations I used most.

LG Sharing Photos


3. Catch Up on My Reading

I’m someone who needs to read before bed, even if it is for just a few minutes.  After a few years of reading on my iPad, I love moving to this device that is bigger than my old smartphone, but smaller than a tablet.  I prefer this lighter, smaller device for anywhere reading.

LG Pro Kindle


4. Motivating Myself to Exercise

Installing a Pedometer App to my LG Optimus G Pro is one the best things I have done for my health.  I find myself taking the long way just to tack on steps.  I was super suprised the kids never complained about all the walking we were doing each day, they were in the happiest place on earth, after all! Sometimes I paused the app while waiting in lines, sometimes I forgot.  It was the total number of steps and distance that pulled me further each day.

LG PRO Pedometer


5. Managing My Schedule

I thought trying to balance my work schedule with my intention to create a fantastic holiday for my kids would be a bit challenging.  However, having my schedule with me at the parks helped me change things on the fly when Fast Pass times didn’t coordinate or when a “LOOK! only a 15 minute wait for this ride!” would come up.  The bigger screen was easier to read and manipulate in order to fit Everything in.  With the awesome QSlide feature, I’m able to multitask on the same screen with notes, calculator and more.  

LG PRO QSlide3


6. Finding a Place to Eat

I made three dining reservations before leaving for Disneyland, the rest of the time, we had to wing it. Dining in Disney can get a bit pricey and we wanted to make sure that we were making the most of our budget while trying to take in the unique tastes the park had to offer.  The bigger screen came in handy while searching spots that were near us when hunger popped up.


7. Playing Games

I’m fairly chuffed at how well we managed our Fast Passes so that our time spent waiting in lines was rather limited.  With a Fast Pass, we saw wait times averaging about 15 mins and the longest we waited without a pass was 35 minutes.  I was VERY surprised that the kids never complained once.  They did have another new friend who was joining us, so that passed the time.  However, I found myself getting a little bored.  Enter Candy Crush.  As a newbie to this game (what have I gotten myself into?) I needed all the help I could get, and the bigger screen made it easier to see and play the game.


8. Manage Writing Notes

As the main purpose of my trip was for work, I had to ensure that I was gathering content that could easily be accessed for my writing later on.  I love the Notebook app on the LG Optimus G Pro because I can take a photo, add it to a notebook and write my notes all in one spot.  You can have numerous pages in each Notebook which made it easy for me to organize my thoughts.

LG PRO Notebook


9. Communication is Everything

We had a bit of a kafuffle on the site while I was away, so staying in contact with my team was urgently important.  I love that I could multi-task using Skype, email, notes and web while getting Everything done.

LG PRO Skype 2


10. Make Your Photos EVEN Better

My kids are always groaning at how many photos I take.  I much prefer to tell a story through images than words, it’s how I work and how I play.  The camera on the LG Optimus G Pro itself is fantastic, as you can see in the photos marked “no filter”.  It also comes with it’s own wonderful photo editor.  The easy sharing app lets you take it one step further and edit your photos in Instagram or SnapSeed or other photo editing apps, all in one screen.  LOVE!  Take a peek at some of the photos I took while in Disneyland:


LG Airplane No Filter

* No Filter


LG cars land

* No Filter


LG Fantasyland with Filter

* SnapSeed Filter


LG Mickey

* LG Optimus G Pro Filter


LG start tours no filter

 * No Filter


LG Star Tours Instagram Filter

  * Instagram Filter



LG Tower of Terror No Filter

 * No Filter


LG Tower of Terror Camera Filter

 * LG Optimus G Pro Filter



LG Tower of Terror Filter

 * Instagram Filter


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