This Summer, Wanna Play?

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There’s something special about those two summer months, especially for kids. Homework-free nights. No morning alarm clock. Long warm days of nothing planned. Do you ever wish you were a kid again just to feel that joy? But summer freedom isn’t what it used to be when I was the age of my children.

According to a recent Ipsos poll conducted on behalf of Canadian Tire, three-quarters (74%) of Canadian parents say their children play differently than they did as kids. Instead of an all-day round of tag with the neighbourhood kids or heading out on their bike to nowhere in particular, days are filled with scheduled play dates or technology. Half of the Canadian parents polled (50%) said concerns for their child’s safety also inhibit play.

Canadian Tire Wanna Play Swimming

I’m an urban parent. I get the safety concerns and I’m really trying to fight my inner fears in order to give my kids a little independence. Like Canadian Tire, I want my kids to remember summer vacation as the time of fun, freedom and play, even if it’s recreating some of our favourite holiday adventures in the backyard.

Maybe it’s time to ask the kids, “Wanna play?” Whether that’s a giant game of hopscotch down the neighbourhood street, heading out on a bike ride, or simply climbing a tree (one of my favourite activities as a kid), remember to get out and enjoy the freedom these two wonderful months offer to kids, something that is all theirs and is over far too quickly. And if your kids ask you this summer, remember the laundry, that work assignment, or checking your email can wait. Enjoy a little childish fun, laugh until you cry and remember the joy of play that only summer can bring.

Canadian Tire Wann Play Bike Ride (1)

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Sharing is Caring!