Well Deserved Pampering at LUX-SPA Toronto

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You wash and cut vegetables, clean the inside of the microwave, fold countless loads of laundry; your hands have seen a lot of rough work, yet they are one of the first things to come in contact with others, like wiping tears from your child’s cheek or holding your husband’s hand. Time to pamper those hands and yourself.

I’m talking about a manicure at LUX-SPA. Having someone else do your nails may seem like a luxury but I think moms need to start making time for themselves and what better way than treating those hard working hands (and feet).

I had a chance to visit LUX-SPA’s downtown location (211 Yonge Street) right across from the Toronto Eatons Center. The space is intimate but the use of a mirrored wall as well as the modern white and wood décor give the downtown location an airy feel. I particularly love the wall-to-wall windows overlooking the always-interesting Yonge Street. LUX-SPA is located on the second floor so you have a great view from the manicure tables as well as the raised pedicure seats.


After choosing from an array of fabulous nail colours, you’re offered a glass of water, tea or coffee and then the pampering begins.

Most manicures have you soak your hand in a water-based solution to soften your skin. LUX-SPA believes this actually weakens your nails and can lead to premature polish chips. Instead LUX-SPA’s dry manicure system uses alternative methods to soften hands.

Although I love the Mani-LUX with it’s brown sugar scrub (made by lovefresh) and the relaxing hand massage, the Hydro-LUX Mani is the way to go. Having your hands sit in a tropical infused paraffin treatment is heavenly. I didn’t want to take my hands out but when I did they were so soft. Your feet will enjoy the treatment too.

Manicures aren’t just for moms. Now that my daughter is entering the pre-teen stage, our relationship is moving into a new dimension. Enjoying a manicure and pedicure together is a wonderful way to spend a morning and LUX-SPA’s downtown location, with it’s open side-by-side seating, is perfectly designed to do things with a friend (or daughter).

LUX-SPA even has a teen-mani and teen-pedi option, giving your girls an affordable experience with the same high-end service you expect. The teen services are the same as the mini mani or pedi 30-minute services. My daughter loved the experience and the staff was amazing. And since LUX-SPA takes hygiene seriously, observing a three-stage process of disinfecting and sterilizing all their tools, you can relax and enjoy.


The downtown location of the LUX-Spa makes it easy to get to by streetcar or subway and with the bustling downtown right out the door, you can show off your colourful nails doing some shopping or getting a bite to eat. I’m already planning my next vist to LUX-SPA to try their choco-LUX mani. Hands treated with cocoa, how delicious.

photo credit © 2012 Lisa Crispo. CopyrightAll rights reserved by kaerucomm

Thanks to the folks at LUX-SPA for the manicure. I enjoyed the experience so much I returned, with my daughter.

Sharing is Caring!