Wednesday Style File. Target for Civvies Day

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It’s important to have everything you need for the school year but I think one problem is that a majority of stores focus on school supplies for smaller kids. That’s why I like Target. It has a selection for everyone, even me and in my mind Target provides items that are cool and have style to them.  

The right school clothes are important too especially when I only get to wear them once a month. I wear a school uniform at my school but on the last Friday of each month I can wear regular clothes. It’s called ‘Civvies Day’. Wearing just the right outfit is important.

Target always has super cute clothes that I like. I picked up this fun plaid shirt at Target to wear on my first Civvies Day this Friday. I like that it’s fun but not too cutesy.

My Style Target Civvies Shirt Outfit1

Target also has great supplies like the Mad Grillz Zipper Pencil Case. A pencil case is a must and I love this case is all made out of zippers. I think it’s cool how it looks like a face and when you unzip the front it looks like there are teeth. You can get it in a few different colours witch is great because when it comes to personal style you want to have something that you like. It fits perfectly in my binger too so I always have it when I need it.

My Style Target Monster Pencil Case

Full size pencil crayons can be great but it’s nice to have a little bit more room in your bag for other things. That’s why I think having mini pencil crayons are fantastic. Even the round box they are stored in is cute, not like the pencil crayons you have in grade three.

I think my mom likes that she doesn’t have to go to a lot of different stores to get the things I need for school and that I’m not complaining. I can’t wait to show off my new shirt this Friday and shop for next month’s Civvies Day outfit.

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Sharing is Caring!