Wednesday Style File. Home Spa with Shoppers Drug Mart

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I really like watching beauty blogger haul videos like the ones from from eleventh gorgeous and aprilathenta7, especially when they are for drug store picks. So imagine how excited I am to be working with Shoppers Drug Mart brands this year to share my monthly finds.

February seems to be all about love and everyone is talking about having that special someone, but if you don’t have that someone yet this is the time to love yourself! Shoppers Drug Mart has some awesome brands and products, like Quo or Yes To and I have four amazing products that are all perfect for your stay at home pamper session for under 25 dollars.

Shoppers Drug Mart My Style Home Spa Products

Start fresh with make-up remover wipes from, YES TO. Their Yes to Cucumber smells fresh and makes you feel relaxed, cleansing your face from makeup and other gross things like dirt.

Of course I had to get hair curlers! I mean what kind of spa day would it be without them! These ones are from Stylize and come in an adorable vibrant blue pack of six! Theses particular curlers are Velcro, which may make them a lot easer to put in your hair.

Shoppers Drug Mart My Style Home Spa Products Mask1

Another spa essential is a facemask. My favourite one at the moment is the Life Brand pore-cleansing masque with white tea and Canadian willow herb. The aspect that I liked most was how this is not like a mud masque but it’s a sheet mask. (a sheet with eye holes and a mouth hole). This masque is perfect for people with oily skin and I am that person.

Shoppers Drug Mart My Style Home Spa Products Mask2

While letting the masque and curlers do their thing, it’s time to focus on the nails. I picked a lovely peachy pink color from Gosh Cosmetics that ends up drying with the texture of sand. I thought that this is perfect for winter or the colder weather because, with all the snow we have in Canada it would be nice to see a little pop of colour. The nail polish needs about 2-3 coats, to make it have the color really pop. I think that it would look very pretty if you added a coat of a sparkly nail polish on top. (Only one thin coat, don’t get carried away.)

A spa visit can be pricey, so I’ve heard. I wouldn’t know since most won’t let me in because I am under eighteen. A visit to Shoppers Drug Mart means I can enjoy a spa treatment without spending a whole lot of money. Plus I add to my Optimum points. I really hope that you all take at least one day this month to pamper yourself. What are your favourite things to do for a spa day?

Spoiling myself with some spa products this February was fun. I can’t wait to visit Shoppers Drug Mart in March for another drugstore find. What will that be?

Shoppers Drug Mart provided me with a gift card so I can purchase the products for this post but the product picks are completely my own.

Sharing is Caring!

3 thoughts on “Wednesday Style File. Home Spa with Shoppers Drug Mart”

  1. I love at home spa treatments! I’ve only been to a spa once and it was amazing, but you can be even more relaxed at home. My favorite thing is to hop into a warm bath with bubbles, bath salts or a bath bomb, soak for a bit, wash my face, use a face scrub, apply a facial mask, soak for a bit, do a body scrub, rinse off the get out and take off my face mask, then I put body butter or coconut oil everywhere and facial moisturizer on my face. I use perfectly Posh products and they are the best I’ve tried. 🙂

  2. I love Shopper Drug Mart! I love everything about it! Quo is really good quality. I like their eyebrow kits the best. I am so far up on my Optimum Points. I’m just trying to hold out for a really good redemption sale. Haven’t tried the pore mask yet. Thank you for the review.

  3. Been a while since I treated myself to a little home pampering , I used the face masks in the past and loved them , maybe time for a trip to shoppers


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