Wednesday Style File. Forever 21 for Disneyland’s 60th

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This year is Disenyland’s 60th anniversary and I wanted to create an outfit that will look cute while you go on an adventure around the park. Forever 21 always have cute outfits and they’re inexpensive making them a perfect choice for a Disney-inspired outfit that matches my style.

The Top 

I love a flowy top. I especially like how the back of this top is longer than the front because I really love to wear longer t-shirts. The way the shirt is cut at the bottom makes me think of the beach and I mean what’s better than the beach. The added plus for this top is definitely the straps because for me straps just make everything that much easer.

The Bottom

I’m not a huge fan of wearing skirts however when I saw this Classic Skater Skirt I fell in love with not only the color but also the pleats in the skirt. I think that this is fantastic for wearing around the park because it’s light-weight and will keep you cool in the warmer climate. Plus it’s so Minnie Mouse.

 The Shoes

Comfy shoes are important but you can still wear something cute like these Floral Print Plimsolls. I love everything floral it just makes me think of vintage wallpapering, which I love to look at! These are more practical than flats because they are not only easer to run in but also a lot easer to walk in. You can stay at the park the whole day with you feet feeling fine!

 The Sunglasses

Now because the park is outside you should not only have sunscreen on but also bring a pair of cute sunglasses. I know Minnie Mouse is partial to cat-eye glasses but I personally love circle frame sunglasses. I saw these and absolutory went bananas. To me these give of a vintage vibe, which will make you look ohh so cute on your way to the next ride.

The Bag

Of coarse when you go to Disneyland you need a purse but what really comes in handy is a backpack. Most backpacks are its ether too big or too bulky but this drawstring backpack is a perfect size that will allow you to carry maps, my Fujifilm Instax Mini8 camera, and any other necessities for the themepark. The faux leather pattern makes it a truly outstanding piece, and the zipper compartment in the front is perfect for a pair of small headphones and my phone.

 The Hair

Long hair in the sun may look nice in an ad but wildly blown in your face on a ride isn’t as cool. I like wearing a bun or a ponytail so I don’t get over heated or get hair stuck to my face. This multicolour scrunchie set is my favorite because you have your standard black (a Mickey Mouse staple) and grey but then you have a beautiful peachy colour, which just makes me happy inside and out!

Wednesday Style File Forever21 Disney outfit

I’m on march break right now, though not in Disneyland. I hope all of you guys are having a wonderful break too, maybe somewhere nice and warm if you’re lucky. What is a necessity that you have to carry in your bag?

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Sharing is Caring!

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