Wednesday Style File. Backpack for Colour

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At my school we have to wear a uniform and something it’s important to me to have a cute backpack that’s full of colour to show a little of my style. But size is important too.

I fell in love with this orangey coral Jansport bag at Staples! The bag is a very nice orangey coral colour and has space so that I can fit my binder, other schoolbooks, and lunch in my bag.  There is also a small pocket that sits in the front, perfect for my keys or pencils and pens. The backpack doesn’t look that big so I was surprised everything fit in so nicely and still left room. That means it doesn’t look like a huge turtle shell on my back like my last backpack.

mystyle back to school staples backpack1

At school a lot of my friends said they really liked the colour of my bag, witch makes it very special to me. It also means I stand out in my sea of navy blue. What would be your dream colour on your backpack?

mystyle back to school staples backpack2

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Sharing is Caring!

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