Wednesday Style File. Baby Lips Gloss

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I absolutely love Maybelline Baby Lips. Their very moisturizing and I love all of the cute fun colours that they come in 😛  I had seen Maybelline Canada share a photo of their soon to be released Baby Lips glosses, then later on in the year they post a photo of releasing them at a Canadian press/media event. Of course after seeing this I had to get my hands on them! 

Maybelline sent me six samples of the new Baby Lips glosses:

Wednesday Style File Baby Lips New Glosses

Berry Chic in a watermelon red colour tube has a red lip stain look. This gloss is definitely the most pigmented out of all of them.

Lilac Lumi in the purple tube is a sheer sparkly pink-purple colour when worn.

Just a Glimmer in the white sparkly tube is a clear sparkly gloss.

Taupe With Me in a nude colour tube with a nice beige or nude tone.

Fab & Fuchsia in a hot pink tube is a light watermelon pink tone.

And finally, Pink-A-Boo in the bubblegum pink tube is a clear gloss with a very subtle pink tone.

Wednesday Style File Baby Lips Gloss Colours (1)

I know in the U.S. they released more but they also released their glosses earlier as well.

In the end my favourite two had to be Taupe With Me and Pink-A-Boo because of the sheer but still pigmented look and colour.

The Baby Lips Gloss is not as pigmented as the colour on the packaging, however you can apply the gloss one or two more times to get your desired colour. The gloss itself is not sticky when you rub your lips together but your hair WILL get stuck to your lips 😉

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Sharing is Caring!

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