Tria Beauty Laser Hair Removal 4X – Initial Treatment

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Even though we’re in the middle of winter, an upcoming visit to the warm California coast has me thinking of shorts and sleeveless shirts. And with that, hair removal. I had a chance to try the Tria Beauty Precision, but removing bigger areas of hair like on your legs or arms call for the Tria Beauty 4X.

My Experience with At-Home Laser Hair Removal

I had the chance to to try the larger Tria Beauty 4X, sharing an unboxing as well as my initial experience on this video:

My hope is to share a follow-up video and give a more detailed review in roughly three-months time. Both the Tria BeautyPercision and 4X don’t remove hair completely on the first try but require regular treatment every two weeks over three months. Not being very good at remembering personal scheduled, I’ve even added this task into my calendar to ensure I keep up and can get a proper review experience.


Have you ever tried laser hair removal before? Would you consider trying an at home treatment? Be sure to check back in about three months for the final results.

Sharing is Caring!

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