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School has started and for me that means grade nine. My first year of high school. It’s been both nerve-wracking and exciting, but I’ve also learned that it’s very important to stay organized and keep track of everything you’re doing. I went to an unlikely place for my high school organization needs. Hallmark.

A DIY Planner for School

Yes, Hallmark isn’t just for holiday greeting cards. Something that’s always really helped me keep track of my assignments and other work, is an agenda or a day planner. If you don’t already have one, or if you’re in the midst of looking for one, Hallmark has a wonderful selection.

They have everything from beautiful file folders to nicely patterned clip boards. However, the on thing that really caught my eye was the agenda. They offer a couple of different styles and patterns but the weekly planner I gravitated to has the months sectioned off with tabs. Super easy to make note of my project due dates next month or the Halloween dance in October.

my-style-hallmark-high-school-organizing-supplies photo

The pattern on the agenda is colourful and looks sleek and modern. High school is like the next level so no kid-like content for me. What’s better than keeping track of your classes and activities in style?

Style doesn’t just stop at your agenda. Forget those boring beige dividers for your binder when you can customize your own from Hallmark’s fancy file folders. This DIY is so simple you’ll wonder why you haven’t tried it before:

Step one: Get your supplies. Your three-ring binder, a pair of scissors, and an 8-pack of stylish file folders from Hallmark

my-style-hallmark-high-school-organizing-diy-step-1 photo

Step Two: Cut the file folder in half. The crease down the middle makes this easy even if you don’t have steady hands.

my-style-hallmark-high-school-organizing-diy-step-2 photo

Step Three: Using a three-hole punch, put binder holes in the cut edge of each half of your file folder.

my-style-hallmark-high-school-organizing-diy-step-3 photo

Step Four: Add labels to each half folder (the pack from Hallmark comes with nice little stick-on tab labels to use) and then pop the finished beauties in your binder. Stylish dividers without any effort.

I think this is a great way to separate all your work and it will most definitely make things easier when it comes down to getting work done.   

I love being organized and having the proper tools to make sure I have everything done really is fantastic not to mention super stylish. What’s your favourite way to keep organized?

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