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It’s that time of year where everyone is starting to get ready for summer, swapping our winter layers for shorts and tank tops. However, something I personally find incredibly difficult is finding shoes for the seasonal transition. I mean it’s not like I want to have endless amounts of shoes. If you face this same dilemma, I found four fun summer shoes that are perfect for the winter to summer transition.

Stylish Shoes for Spring

ECCO Floral Slip-Ons

I cannot stress to you how much I love these shoes! Not only are they comfortable but you really can walk forever in them. Did you see the Toronto adventure I took wearing these? These shoes can be worn with something formal, casual, semi-formal, really anything. The floral watercolour pattern really adds something special to the shoe and makes it unique. These shoes really give that whole summer vibe. Something else I really love about these shoes is the ability to wear them with or without socks in comfort. A nice bonus.

Ecco Shoes Floral SlipOns

Jelly Shoes

I having never owned a pair myself (yet) but I find them absolutely fantastic and a little retro. They look so fun! You can get them in a variety of different colours and patters. I remember buying Barbie dolls with these shoes and being completely memorized by them.


Forever 21 Lace Up Sandals

I was never big on sandals as a little kid but the different styles available to me now that I’m not in a kid’s shoe size has me thinking sandals are quite great! Although a little more formal than others I’ve seen, I think these sandals could be worn with a casual outfit as well. I’m also a big fan of the slight heel and the back cutout.


Vans Late Night Pizza Slip On

Where would we all be without food (especially pizza.). I thought this shoe was really fun because of the pizza print and the Mars red colour. Nothing says summer like red hot and late night pizza.


As you can tell, my style is varied depending on my mood. What pair of shoes have you been loving as we move into summer? And do you think it’s possible to have too many shoes? Me neither 🙂

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Sharing is Caring!

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