My Style. 5 Spring Nails

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I love to do my nails but sometimes I can’t find the right colour that will work with the season. It’s also hard to find colours that look nice on my nails. So I came up with five nail colours that you can mix into your spring style.  

1 Sally Hansen Fuzzy Fantasy

I like the green colour of Sally Hansen’s Fuzzy Fantasy. It reminds me of fresh cut green grass on a spring day. This is a textured nail polish and I thought it would feel all fuzzy but it just feels like a nail polish with bumps in it witch is ok.  It’s still one of my favorites.

2 Maybelline Pink Shock

In the bottle I didn’t think this colour was for me because it is so pink but once it was on my nails I loved it. It’s bright and super beautiful. You can do all your nails the one pink colour or if you do pink polka dots on top another colour, like a sparkly gold.

3. Nubar Hydrangea

I have mentioned this branch of nail polish before in my Beauty Box 5 post and I love it. The Hydrangea colour is just a nice blue so It goes we’ll with any colour. It’s perfect four hanging out with your friend or just going into town. If you want to make this colour pop add a coat of sparkles on top.

I’ve been a fan of Hard Candy for a while. I like their products because they work and I like the colour. Their new spring collection of polish has some fun colours too and it is available exclusively at Walmart Canada.


4 Hard candy Gummy Green

A great colour to add to my spring collection because I love the blue-green colour. It’s not a realy bright colour but it looks really nice on my nails witch is very Important. The little black specks in this polish is perfect for me because I can never decorate my nails properly with out smudging it. It looks like a fancy polish.

5 Hard andy Bridal Party

This Bridal Party polish from Hard Candy is bright and sparkly. It is perfect for an accent nail or even your whole hand. This nail polish goes really well with the Hard Candy Gummy Green polish.  Bridal Party will brighten up your look and it will make your nails look fabulous because of the shimmer.


These are just a few  colours I’ll be wearing on my nails this spring. What’s your favourite nail colour this season?

Sharing is Caring!

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