My Style. 5 Halloween Make-Up Tutorials

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I love getting ready for Halloween but it can be really frustrating when it comes to doing your make-up and you don’t have any ideas on what to do. That’s why I chose five creepy and cute makeup tutorials (no cute puppies or pretty kitties in the bunch, sorry mom).

Cheshire Cat

Cats are a popular Halloween costume but that doesn’t mean you have to be a cute kitty. The first one is for a Cheshire cat. I really loved this Cheshire Cat tutorial because of how the makeup is done around the mouth is really creative. Simple make-up can be used to create the Cheshire’s super wide grin. The cat ear buns are a great idea for this costume as well.

Voodoo Doll

This Voodoo Doll looks really cool (all done with make-up) though I think you would need to take some time getting this one done. This make-up idea covers parts of the body but I you could just do the face, which is what I would do. And yes the movie 9 is pretty cool (and freaky).

Stitched Mouth

I think that this stitched mouth is perfect if you don’t really want to do a full face of make-up or you just want to add on something else to your Halloween costume. It looks pretty easy to do. Of course going the whole night without opening your mouth might be a problem. It would be for me. I love talking to people.

Alice in Wonderland Card Battle

This is a cool idea. Alice in Wonderland is like one of those princess costumes but I like adding a little Halloween scariness. Having the heart playing cards in her body looks pretty cool without being too gross.

Cute Creepy Doll

In case you haven’t guessed my Halloween costume choice this year is a cute creepy doll. It’s part nice and part scary. I’ve been playing around with the stitches and eye make-up and this video helped. Plus I’ll get to wear my Halloween nails too.

I love that Halloween lets me wear make-up but in different ways. I’m so over the cutesy costumes for girls this year so I love these ideas. These tutorials show some fun ways of changing your appearance for Halloween without being too scary. What are you being for Halloween? Cute or scary or something inbetween?

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Sharing is Caring!

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