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Returning to work for moms means re-evaluating your wardrobe, but finding something that doesn’t break the bank is important. That’s where Sears comes in.

Cute, Budget-Friendly Work Wear

Funny how Sears to me brings up memories of childhood and the Christmas Wish Book, but after a preview a few years ago, I discovered Sears is more than toys. When looking for ways to add a little work attire to my closet, Sears sent over two pieces from Jessica.


A business suit is a staple for most office environments. I wasn’t sure about the white and black dress and jacket for a few reasons. One was size. I’m not the same build that I once was in my office life. Something I’m working on but that still means I need something that fits. The second was colour, or lack of it. I wasn’t sure about white for a base but according to leading style expert Lynn Spence’s style tips for Sears, white is for all year long.

No surprise here; white pants have been breaking out of closets since January and I love it. There’s three key tips for wearing white well, first, make sure your pants are as opaque as possible (denim is the safest bet). Second, think slim vs. skin tight for fit. Last but not least, if you’re still nervous about rocking white denim, pair it with a long tunic like shirt!


The sleeveless option can work on its own though I prefer the jacket addition. I think that’s just a personal body image issue I have to deal with (one issue at a time). I was also surprised at how comfortable the outfit felt. I also like Lynn’s tip when it comes to finding your style:

You know your body best, so make sure you feel comfortable in whatever trend you might be trying out. I know big full skirts don’t always work for me, and that’s ok, but it doesn’t mean I shy away from bold and daring looks, I look for the ones I love and love me back. Be risky, feel good and have fun!


The addition of a blazer or jacket can change an outfit plus it can add a new feel to existing items. The best thing about the Jessica line at Sears is the cost, making it easier to prepare for the return to the office world without a high price tag. You can see more spring/summer trends from Sears here.


Sharing is Caring!

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