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Its springtime and this is when I really get into doing my nails. But when I do I want to make all sorts of crazy designs or try something out that I saw on instagram. So for this month’s Shoppers Drug Mart visit I wanted to show you four items from QUO that MAKE my life a whole lot easer when it came to doing my nails.

First product is a brush cleaner. You may be thinking why would you need a brush cleaner to do your nails? Well… after I’m done my nails I usually use a small inexpensive make-up brush to clean up the nail polish around my nail. Small brushes are also good for doing some fun textures and treatments on your nails too. The make-up bush wipes make easer keeping your brushes clean.

Make-up cotton pads are another must. They are really great for anything!!!! But they’re perfect for removing polish from your whole nail. Taking off nail polish can be tricky but when you have a good nail polish remover like the QUO nail polish remover pump it really dose make everything faster.

The last product, QUO cosmetic wedges, is perfect for applying nail polish in a fun and easy way. If you have been on pintrest you have probably seen “ombre nail art” at one time or another. To do this all you need is two or three of your favorite nail polish colors and these amazing cosmetic wedges. Applying the colours in rows on the sponge you then apply the sponge like a stamp. A quick and easy manicure.

My Style Shoppers Quo Nail Tools2

You may know QUO for their make-up but they have a great selection of tools at Shoppers Drug Mart. These are some of my favorite nail tools from QUO to use when it comes close to spring. What are your tips and tricks when it comes to getting your nails spring ready? Do you have a favourite design you like to apply on your nails?

Shoppers Drug Mart provided me with a gift card so I can purchase the products for this post but the product picks are completely my own.

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Sharing is Caring!

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