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Its already fall and you know what that means? Halloween! I’m supper pumped. A few years ago I created a fun DIY Airline Stewardess costume and last year I shared some fun make-up tutorials to recreate but this year I’m all about pop art. For the longest time I’ve wanted to try the comic book pop art look but I have never gotten around to it. This is the year. To help me out I found a couple of YouTube video tutorials that showcase how you can do this look in a couple of ways.

The first two video tutorials, one from Emma Pickles and the other from Jennifer Fix, are pretty similar though they do offer a slightly different technique and use different coloured dots.

I love how in Jennifer’s video (the clip below) she uses the eyeliner to draw on eyelashes in case you don’t have or want to invest in fake lashes just for a Halloween costume.

The following video tutorial from Claire Dim is great because of how precise and creative she is with her look. For me this was by far the coolest and most drawn on one. My favorite part for hers was definitely the drawn on eyelashes!! I think that’s the absolute coolest. She also takes her idea beyond just her face.

Although the pop art look crated by Lex from Madeyewlook (video below) isn’t a traditional design, the ideas do offer something unique. She even shares how to do this look four different ways by adding on to the first way. I think my favorite look is definitely her fourth idea. I mean who doesn’t love sparkles?

These are definitely some really cool videos and I loved the various ways each artist created her look. I also noticed how the white dots were preferred over all but to be truthful I thought that red dots looked better and closer in design to the original paintings by Roy Lichtenstein. What dots did you prefer and what was your favorite video to watch / the most helpful to you?

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Sharing is Caring!

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