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Making lunch is no easy thing and I get that. However it’s even harder when your mom still thinks you’re a three year old. I wanted to prove to her that not only could I pack my own lunch but that making a lunch does not have to look or be childish.

I’m not talking about something too fancy or Pinteresty. A grown-up lunch can use things at home but just put together a little differently. Even the accessories can upgrade a lunch. That’s why I looked into using Funkins!

Not only do Funkins offer adorable and sophisticated patterns that I like (no pretty princesses for me) but they are also eco friendly and a smart alternative to tossing paper towels in the garbage. I also love that Funkins are double sided, one napkin for two different moods with a flip. You may think My Funkins is just for little kids but they have some nice grown-up patterns that even I wouldn’t mind pulling out of my lunch bag.

I put together a little video talking about Funkins and how to make two different styles of litterless #LetsBeLitterFree lunches. Leave a comment down below telling me what your favorite pattern is from Funkins and what kind of lunches are your favorite to eat?

Please note I was compensated for putting this video and post together but the opinions expressed are completely mine.

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Sharing is Caring!

2 thoughts on “My Style. My Funkins #LetsBeLitterFree Lunch”

  1. Verity, We were so excited to watch your amazing video showing how easy it is to pack a creative lunch while keeping it waste-free! We LOVE the high-tea lunch inspiration and enjoyed seeing your ideas of using cookie cutters, adding lemon to water, and also showing bento box ideas … SO FUN! We are thrilled to know you love using your Funkin at lunch time rather than a paper towel… we too think these are much cuter!! 😉 Well done Verity, and thank you for keeping your lunches litter free! #LetsBeLitterFree


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