My Style. Going Tropical

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I can’t wait for summer because it’s warm and all I can think about are the tropical beaches. In Canada it’s suppose to be spring but it still feels like WINTER which means summer is further off than I would like. But who needs summer when you have Shoppers Drug Mart?! Just kidding. I need summer but Shoppers Drug Mart is helping me cope for now especially with these items that will remind you of summer.

Try the Coconut and Lime Foam Bath from Shoppers Drug Mart Life Brand. I really love the scent ant it is just as fragrant in the tub as it is in the bottle. It gives you a lot of product in the bottle and a lot of bubblesssss!

Bubble bath done, try some of Shoppers Drug Mart spa treatments like a hair mask, a foot mask, and a shimmering body scrub. The foot mask and shimmering body scrub are perfect for preparing your feet for flip flops and open toed shoes. Then you can use the hair mask to rejuvenate your hair to make it look ready for the beach.

Shoppers Drug Mart Tropical Foot Masque

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Nothing reminds me of a tropical beach like the scent of coconuts and I found perfect products, a moisturizing body wash and a skin lotion. I am a lotion fanatic and this coconut skin lotion has a delicious scent. It’s perfect for moisturizing your hands, arms, and legs, those parts that are looking forward to sun’s rays. Of course try the coconut body wash first. The gritty texture will help get rid of dead skin before shaving.

Shoppers Drug Mart Tropical Bath Products

No trip to Shoppers Drug Mart is complete without a treat so I bought some marshmallow cones from Carnaby Sweets. I thought that these little cones were absolutely adorable and fit perfectly for talking about summer. Nothing better than a marshmallow cone when it’s too cold to eat the real thing.

Shoppers Drug Mart Tropical Marshmallow Ice Cream

Summer days will be soon but thanks to a trip down the aisles of Shoppers Drug Mart I can at least pretend (and prepare). I would highly recommend picking up any of these items the next time you stop into the shop. What is your favourite summer scent? What is our favourite thing to bring when you head to the beach?

Shoppers Drug Mart provided me with a gift card so I can purchase the products for this post but the product picks are completely my own.

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Sharing is Caring!

2 thoughts on “My Style. Going Tropical”

  1. I love this post!
    I always change my scent with the season, have since I was around your age… (so a long time.. lol), in the summer I always go cocoa and cocoa butter, for a more tropical scent. I guess it’s what I associate warmth and summer sunshine with. Winter is more cranberry & vanilla. Fall is sandalwood, and Spring I choose flowery scents.
    You have me intrigued with the Coconut & Lime foam bath. Wonder what that smells like… Have to get some!


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