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Its starting to get warmer and you know what that means?!? SUMMER! But it also means oily skin, and if your skin is acne prone like mine sometimes summer can really suck! Finding the solution to this is no easy thing either. But when I tried dermalogica clear start skincare line I guess you can say it was love at first sight.

First of all I want to start off with the packaging (btw packaging means everything to me). I love how sleek and modern it looks, with a slight pop of colour on the labels. It looks both cute and very sophisticated and that’s something I really liked to see.

My Style Dermalogica Summer Acne Clear Start products

The fist product that I tried was the clear start emergency spot fix. I love how small and compact the tube is, perfect for carrying in an overnight bag, or in purse. After trying this for a week and a bit I really liked it. It did not irritate my skin, as I tend to have very sensitive skin. I also loved how easy this was to apply.

My Style Dermalogica Summer Acne Skincare Emergency Fix

The next product that I really liked was the clear start all over toner. I’m a huge fan of toners and even happier that this comes in a spray (another love of mine). It’s compact and it is perfect for a quick spritz and then slip into my bag.

My Style Dermalogica Summer Acne Clear Start

These are only just two items in dermalogica’s clear start line. You can see the whole collection from washes and scrubs to masques on their site.

Do you find your skin has different needs in the summer? What’s your absolute GO-TO or Holy Grail summer skincare product?

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Sharing is Caring!

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