My Style. 40 Texting Terms Your Teen is Using

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“Text language” or txt-speak has become more and more popular. People are coming up with what seems like a million abbreviations a day. It doesn’t help you, parent, if your son or daughter keeps using them and you don’t know what they mean. To help you out I compiled a list of abbreviations (or short cuts) so you will now be able to decode messages on social media or text. 

Your Guide to Text Speak

  1. ILYSM – I love you so much
  2. ILY – I love you
  3. IMY – I miss you
  4. BAE– Before anyone else
  5. OTP – One true pairing (when you want two people to get together)
  6. LOML – Love of my life
  7. GTG – Got to go
  8. BRB – be right back
  9. WYD? – What are you doing?
  10. (On) Fleek – Great, beautiful or amazing
  11. Daym or damn – wow
  12. IRL – In real life
  13. RT – Real Time
  14. OMG – Oh my god
  15. LOL – Laugh out loud
  16. SMH – Shaking my head
  17. SMHL – Shaking my head laughing
  18. HMU – Hit me up (text me or call me)
  19. TBH – To be honest
  20. TBR – To be real
  21. WWY? – Where were you?
  22. WCW – Woman crush Wednesday
  23. MCM – Man crush Monday
  24. HBU – How (a)bout you
  25. IDK – I don’t know
  26. IDC – I don’t care
  27. RN – Right now
  28. L8r – later
  29. FTW – For the win
  30. JK – Just Kidding
  31. NP – No problem
  32. K or KK – okay
  33. RL – Real life
  34. Btw – By the way
  35. BB – Baby
  36. BBG – Beautiful baby girl
  37. TY- Thank You
  38. BMS – Broke my scale (used with rating people out of 10)
  39. BTW – By the way
  40. IMYSM- I miss you so much

Theses were the top 40 that come to my mind when I’m texting or talking with friends on social media. Have you seen people use these or maybe different terms I haven’t included? Let me know in the comments. Maybe there’s something you want me to “ decode”


Don’t forget, these are just for social fun. As my parents remind me all the time, don’t try using these in regular communication. I think they are worried I will use these terms in school projects and tests.

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Sharing is Caring!

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