My Stye. 5 Shops to Find Cool Phone Cases

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The holidays are now over and I know a lot of my friends received phones (either new or hand-me-downs as parents received new phones). You know they just got a standard clear plastic case but a phone case is more than something that protects your phone. It can say a lot about what you like or your personal style. If you’re looking to add some fun to your phone I’ve shared five spots where you can get unique cases that will fit your style perfectly.

Skinny Dip London
Their cases range from $6-$32US. This was one of the first stores I looked at when buying my cases. They have everything from a glitter piñata case and avocados with googly eyes on them (who doesn’t love googly eyes) to retro ray guns. There will definitely be something that suits your style and many come with free screen protectors. If you like their stuff, phone cases are just a few items they carry.


Etsy Canada
I love that you can pretty much find anything fun and creative on Etsy. There are so many great Canadian shops like the fieldtrip, Said the Owl, Spring in Eden, or Cara Carmina. Although it’s not a Canadian shop one of my favourite stores on Etsy is The Small Print, which I’ve bought two of my favourite cases from!


Velvet Cavier
I chose this store because they have some pretty out there cases from Mirror wallet cases to a cheetah fur case and the prices range from $20-$35US. I’m absolutely definite you’ll find something you will like.


If your looking for a more practical or a “safe” case, TELUS is the place. They carry a number of different brands that are both stylish and practical. You can find some great cases on their online shop but for better selection visit one of their stores, especially their new concept stores. They really do have everything and if your looking for a simpler but still stylish cases this would be the place to look, even if you’re not a TELUS customer.


Tiedyed Closet
I recently found this shop while browsing through my Instagram fee. They have some of the coolest cases I’ve seen from glowing the dark alien cases and bubble wrap to grilled cheese and floating fish. They have some pretty neat stuff and prices range from $10-$20 US.


These are just a few of the coolest case stores I have found but I know there are lots of options out there. Any shops I should add to my list? Also, what’s your go to case when it comes to co-ordinating with your outfit?

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