Mom Jeans: Why You Should Avoid Them Even Though You’re a Mom

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Mom Jeans have a high waist, front pleats, a generous rear side and tapered legs. Can jeans possibly get more unflattering than this? Yes they can, if they come in a light wash, as most mom jeans do!

mom-jeans“Mom Jeans” isn’t a formal term used by fashion designers or retail stores. As far as I know, the term was coined on Saturday Night Live in the hilarious “Mom Jeans” skit that said it perfectly:

“This Mother’s Day, don’t give mom another bottle of perfume. Give her the gift that says, ‘I’m not a woman anymore. I’m a mom!'”

In a weird way, mom jeans ARE appropriate for a mother’s body. They are very comfortable, they cover your tummy, and they don’t gape at the back or expose your underwear when you sit down. But they also make your legs appear shorter, your thighs look bigger, and are in general extremely unflattering, regardless of your figure.

Even President Obama was recently scorned by the media for wearing what the media deemed as “Mom Jeans”. Obama’s response: “They’re comfortable!”

My take? There are jeans out there that are comfortable yet look good. No one should expect a mom to fit into the same jeans she used to wear when she was 18. Extremely low-rise jeans, or extremely tight “skinnies,” are probably not the best choices for most moms.

But a pair of mid-rise, dark wash, bootcut jeans will look great on any figure, and there are also denim brands on the market today that specifically make jeans for women with curves. Two of my favorite “grownup women’s jeans” brands are Not Your Daughter’s Jeans and CJ by Cookie Johnson.

It’s OK to decide you’re not going to be a slave to crazy fashion fads anymore now that you’re a mom. But there’s no need to give up on fashion and base your clothing choices solely on the “comfort” factor. Dressing well and being comfortable need not be mutually exclusive!

Sharing is Caring!

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