Mom Beauty Hacks: 12 Multipurpose Wonders

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Running out of shave gel after de-scaling one leg is never a good thing. Neither is feeling naked-faced and showing the strain of a night with a sick child, with only five minutes until you have to be out the door.

beautyhacks-12wondersThere’s tons of products we use every day to prettify ourselves. But did you know that many of them can do double-duty in a pinch? Forget the labels! Why not try…

1. Conditioner as shave gel

It’s true. Using a quarter-sized dallop of a rich conditioner will not only leave you nic-free, but will also give your skin a little touch of moisture.

2. Blush as eyeshadow

Blue eyes pop when surrounded by pink, and darker-skinned ladies will gain the illusions of a healthy, natural glow when you substitute blush for eyeshadow.

3. Baby powder as a between-shampoo fix

Best for lighter-haired ravens, the talc will absorb oil as well as give you a little bit of fragrance. Just make sure that you use it sparingly and brush or shake out the excess well – or you might look as though you need some anti-dandruff help!

4. White eyeshadow as highlighter

All skin tones will benefit from a little bit of white-toned shadow applied in the inner corners of the eyes (it will wake you up, instantly. Try it. I’ll wait.), and a light dusting on the tops of cheekbones and above brows will add structure and open up your eyes even more.

5. Baby oil as makeup remover

This old-fashioned goody really does work. Extremely oily skin should avoid this beautyhack, but for all others, swipe a cotton pad saturated with baby oil over your skin and follow up with a thorough cleanse.

6. Toothpaste to treat blemishes

Before bed, use a cotton swab to dab a spot of toothpaste (the minty kind, not bubble-gum flavoured) on blemishes. Wake up to less eruptions.

7. A toothbrush to tame hairs

A clean toothbrush can be used to separate lashes, comb brows into place, tame fly-aways and even to apply hair colour.

8. Aloe vera gel for an after-shave treatment

You might have this kicking around your cabinet for burns. Apply a thin layer before using lotion for ultra-smooth skin, razor burn free.

9. Visine to minimize zits

It doesn’t just get the red out of your eyes. After washing, use a saturated cotton swab to dab some directly onto zits to de-rouge them before you put on makeup.

10. Lipstick as cheek colour

Not a great idea for dry, flaky skin, rosy cheeks can be had with a few dots of lipstick blended well. Think of it as a cream blush.

11. Vaseline to create a dewy complexion

Mix a tiny amount of petroleum jelly with your usual foundation and apply it with a flat, natural-hair foundation brush. Look instantly younger and ready for summer.

12. Body lotion to tame fly-aways

If your hair’s extremely oily, you might want to test this one out before publicizing its results, but in general, a dime-sized amount of your favourite body lotion can tame fly-aways. Evenly distribute the lotion between your palms and then run them over your hair.

Sharing is Caring!

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