How to Find Comfortable Women’s Shoes

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It’s no secret that women’s shoes are often very uncomfortable. One of my biggest issues with women’s shoe designers is that they seem to forget that their creations are supposed to be practical too – that women are actually supposed to be able to walk in them!

But finding comfortable shoes for women can be done. You don’t have to sacrifice looks for comfort, or vice versa. It IS possible to find women’s shoes that are pretty, flattering, and reasonably comfortable. Here are a few helpful tips:

1. When buying close-toed shoes such as pumps, make sure the toe-box area is wide enough for the widest part of your foot. Squished toes are painful and can eventually cause serious (if common) foot problems such as bunions.

2. Make sure the shoe has cushioning by pressing your finger into the ball area. It should have a slightly padded feel. A hard, thin sole with no padding will be pure torture when you walk.

3. When looking for comfortable women’s shoes, it’s best to choose shoes with uppers made of natural, breathable materials such as leather, suede, or fabric and to stay away from synthetics. Natural materials breathe, which reduces perspiration and the risk of blistering.

4. You probably know that you should avoid extremely high heels (anything over 3 inches tall) for everyday wear, but you should also avoid a completely flat shoe. A small heel, even juts half an inch, is far more comfortable than a completely flat shoe.

5. A moderate platform is a great way to get the illusion of a higher heel without the feel of it. A 3-inch heel with a 1-inch platform will look like a 3-inch heel, but will feel like a much saner 2-inch heel.

6. Always choose a stacked heel over a spike heel, especially for everyday wear. You will be much more stable, and a stacked heel also allows for better shock absorption. 

Remember that countless women are paying a huge price for wearing shoes that are too tight, narrow or high heeled. Try to make a compromise between “fabulous” and “comfortable.” You feet, your knees and your lower back will thank you. 

Sharing is Caring!

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