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As I plan our Elf Holiday Movie Screening Party this week I have a whole new appreciation for friends and collegues who host holiday gatherings in their homes. Of course they do it for the love of celebrating with people they care about but parties are still a lot of work, whether a sit down dinner or a casual cocktail and appetizer drop-in.

A hostess gift is a nice way to say thank you for their time and effort. Of course you could bring a bottle of wine but to set yourself apart from the other guests and their wine try presenting your hostess with one of these gift ideas.

Saje Feel Better Bag

I have only recently discovered Saje Natural Wellness but I am in love. I love their Quick Study, a little pocketsized miracle in my mind. The holidays are usually full of a little over indulgence, making the Saje Natural Wellness Little Feel Better Bag a perfect gift. This compact bag contains a little something to aid headaches, digestive discomforts and natural cleansing.

Hostess Gifts They Love Saje Better Kit

PC Home Faux Fur Throw

My favourite part of the winter weather is snuggling inside under a comfy blanket. Of course any blanket will keep you warm but the PC Home Faux Fur Throw will have your hostess feeling like royalty. The fur is luxurious looking and super soft with a velvety lining.

Hostess Gifts They Love PC Home Faux Fur

Walter All Natural Caesar Mix

Our family travels have had us develop an appreciation for handcrafted drinks but the detail to the fresh ingredients and the steps involved can be intimidating to the average home mixologist. Walter All Natural Caesar Mix (in mildly spiced and well spiced) enables you to enjoy a hand-crafted cocktail without all of the work. Made in Canada in small batches these ready to use mixes already have the best ingredients included, just add your favourite vodka. Sure beats a regular bottle of wine as a gift.

Hostess Gifts They Love Walters Caesar Mix


Sears Bark and Frosted Glass Candle

Winter can feel so dark, having us inside most of the time. Thank goodness for the crackling of the fireplace or the warm glow of candles. These bark and frosted candleholders from Sears bring the outdoors inside and make a lovely accent piece well beyond the holiday season. Pair them with some bark-patterned candles for a full on woodsy feel.

Hostess Gifts They Love Bark Candle1

Ninutik Cube 57 with Grater

The idea of giving maple syrup as a hostess gift may seem a little odd but you haven’t tried the many creations from Ninutik. Maple syrup is elevated to an art form. Their maple syrup cube inspired by Canada’s First Nations. Simply add a little maple flavour by grating like cheese over fresh fruit, ice cream or anything you would add sugar too. The cube and grater kit makes a great gift combo

Hostess Gifts They Love Ninutik Maple Syrup Cube


Driftwood Coasters

I love the crafty creativeness of the shops on Etsy Canada, like these driftwood coasters from Studio Robazzo. The wood used for these unique coasters is salvaged driftwood and coated with Tung Oil for protection.

Hostess Gifts They Love Driftwood Coasters


Sweet and Savoury

Why not treat your hostess to a little foodie indulgence. For the hostess that likes sweets try pairing the beautiful Bottlegreen sparkling water collection bottles with Green & Black’s organic fair trade Sea Salt chocolate bar.

For something a little savoury try PC Black Label Cheese & Black Pepper All Butter Biscuits paired with Dried Chorizo from organic food shop Real Food Toronto.

Hostess Gifts They Love Foodie Savoury

Let someone else bring the wine the next party. Instead treat your hostess with something personal and unique and maybe a little indulgent.

Sharing is Caring!

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