Funky Clothes for Boys at Target Canada

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When it comes to fashion everyone seems to focus on girls. The boys always seem to be left with sport motifs or camouflage gear. I’m not a fan of either and neither is my son.  Most of the clothing my son likes we’ve picked up at Target across the border but now Target Canada will be carrying some of our favourite boy brands.

I think my son’s love of skateboarding drew him to the Shaun White brand at Target. He loves the bright colours and fun skateboard themes incorporated in the clothes. Even if you’re not into boarding, the Shaun White line offers some great patterns and colours that give boys a bit of a hip look. My son owns a number of the button down shirts that he likes to wear on their own or open over tank tops. We’re both excited to see Shaun White line in Target Canada stores.

target canada boy fashion shaunwhite

Graphic T-shirts aren’t really my oldest daughter’s thing but my son loves them. The line The Public Zoo, made for Target, also appears up here in Canada. My kids are going through an Asian art inspired phase with sushi erasers and Pucca cartoons. The Public Zoo characters have a similar feel with their simplistic drawings and basic colour palette. Their fun shirts will quickly fill up my son’s T-shirt drawer.

target canada boy fashion public zoo

Cherokee is another favourite brand of ours, for boys and girls. It’s great for basics, especially now that the nicer weather is coming. As my son never seems to have clothes that last long on him, it’s nice that Cherokee isn’t a really expensive brand too, making it easy to buy fun colours on the fly.

target canada boy fashion cherokee

Just because you have a son doesn’t mean he isn’t interested in fun, funky clothing too. And if you can’t hit the independent boutiques, at least you can count on finding something at Target Canada this year.

Sharing is Caring!

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