How to Find the Right Rain Boots for Your Kid

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Rainy days don’t have to get you down. Prepare for puddle jumping by shopping for the right rain gear to keep your children dry and comfortable. Learn what to look for and you’ll be able to find the right rain boots for your kid.

Shopping for Children’s Rain Boots

Do kids need rain boots?

In a word: yes. While adults can manage to walk around puddles and keep their feet pretty dry without much thought, kids are different. Most kids spend a lot of their day outdoors. They may not notice puddles or realize how deep the water is in a gutter before they step in it. Of course, kids also love to jump into puddles on purpose! It’s important to get the best kids’ rain boots so their feet will stay dry on rainy days.

Why are dry feet important?

Keeping kids’ feet dry is important for their health, safety, and comfort. Rainy days plus sneakers equals wet feet. Even if your children don’t complain about spending all day in wet socks, it’s not good for their health. Waterlogged feet are at risk for blisters and tears in the skin.

How do I know what size to get?

One of the most important factors to find the right rain boots for your kid is figuring out the size. One of the best tips for getting it right is to measure feet at home. Most rain boots come in whole sizes only, so if your child is wearing a half-size right now, it’s usually better to go up to the next whole size.  Your child may wear thick socks for comfort and warmth, so take those into account when deciding on size. If you want the rain boots to last longer than one season, order a size up to allow for growth.

What features should I look for?

While you and your child might be tempted to pick the cutest design you see, be sure to take a few practical points into consideration, too.

  • Make sure they’re not too heavy. Children’s legs will tire out if they’re wearing heavy boots.
  • Check the treads. You want to see deep, sturdy treads on the bottoms to provide traction on slippery surfaces.
  • Get boots with pull handles. These make it a lot easier for kids to get boots on and off themselves.
  • Consider overall quality. High-quality rain boots will be more comfortable and last longer. High quality also means that when your child outgrows them, you’re more likely to hand down the boots to a younger kid or even resell them.
  • Finally, make sure your child loves the color and design of the rain boots. While you want to be sure the boots are high quality and safe, your child will be more willing to wear them if they’re her favorite color or feature his favorite character.

What are the latest styles in rain boots?

Once you’ve measured your kid’s feet to find the right size and know what features to look for, it will be time to shop. You’ll quickly find there are a lot of options out there, and you may be wondering what styles are popular right now. From classic to cool, there are a lot of choices.

Classic rubber boots never go out of style — especially in a bright shade of yellow or red. Inexpensive vinyl boots are lightweight and come in trendy styles. Resin boots, which are not made of plastic or rubber, are very lightweight but don’t provide much warmth. Lined, waterproof boots for rain and snow get kids through a whole calendar’s worth of wet weather.

With the right gear, rainy weather doesn’t have to slow your family down one bit. Most little ones love to play in the rain, and once you find the right rain boots for your kid, you’ll be glad to let them go into the great, wet outdoors. Get ready for puddle jumping and enjoy the season!

Sharing is Caring!

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