Fall Dresses for Every Occasion

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From PTA Meetings to Date Night

Fall is upon us, which means getting back into school schedules, figuring out what the kids’ closets need for the colder months, and maybe even finally getting to scrubbing down the entire house since the kids (or most of them) are back to being gone for most of the day.

On top of all the responsibilities that come with staying on top of your kids’ lives is the feeling that you need to keep on top of your wardrobe for every occasion.

In order to still feel your best without having to rack your brain to figure out what to wear for every meeting or family night out, we’ve done the hard work for you.

Fall Dresses for Every Occasion

Here we’ll delve into fall dresses for every occasion so you don’t have to put what you’re going to wear on your already long list of to-dos.

Great Styles for Fall

PTA Meetings

With the start of school comes the start of PTA meetings. While the central purpose of this organization is to allow parents to get more involved in their children’s schools, it’s also a great place to gain a support group and build a network with fellow parents.

For this occasion, it’s best to dress in something comfortable, but also something somewhat professional.

More casual dresses work best for this sort of event. Pair short dresses with simple flats and cozy cardigans to create that balance of feeling comfortable without your sweatpants and looking professional without being intimidating to the other parents.

Such a balance makes you more approachable, making it easier to create your space in this little community.

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Date Night

Whether you’re a single mom or you’ve been married for a while, you deserve a night out on the town with someone you care about. More than just a night to have fun, it’s a night to dress up and feel good about yourself.

If you’re feeling bold and sassy, go for a sweater bodycon dress to stay warm, but also to keep things a little on the saucy side. If your style is more on the flirty side, you can go for more flowy designs – whether that’s flowy sleeves, flowy skirts, or just a dress that’s flowy in its altogether feel.

Date night calls for your favorite heels to add that extra touch of feminine flair or your favorite fall boots and tights to add a bit of edge to the overall look.

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Sunday Brunch

It can be with your mom, with your girlfriends, or just a day to yourself, but a brunch is bound to find itself penciled into your busy schedule every now and then. Be prepared with a dress that’s on the cuter side of the style spectrum.

Look for styles that are more in the fit and flare category, as opposed to bodycon. These dresses should be more casual than date night dresses and slightly more formal than your PTA dresses.

Play with that balance to find where your personal style lies.

Florals are also a nice addition to any brunch dress, as they typically compliment the brunch ambiance. If you’re planning to go with florals in these crisper months, make sure to steer clear of any bright summery florals, and instead go with the deeper colors of autumn instead.

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Sporting Events

Maybe it seems a little ridiculous to you to wear a dress to your kid’s next soccer game, but dresses are low maintenance, often comfortable, and you can add layers for the colder parts of autumn.

Go with thicker materials and pair them with your favorite tights, plaid shirts, or jean jackets. If you’re feeling like supporting your little one’s team even more, you can sport their team’s colors in your outfit, whether it’s going all-out with a colored dress or going with a plaid flannel that has accents of the team’s colors in the pattern.

To keep things more on the side of autumn, be sure to go for warmer shades of the team’s colors.

Just because your kids are at the center of your world doesn’t mean you should ever lose your sense of femininity and flirtation. The perfect remedy for staying in this fun and flirty state of mind is to rock more fall dresses this season.

More versatile than we give them credit for, dresses come in all shapes, styles, and fits that make them the perfect piece for any and every occasion – even in the lives of busy moms like you.

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