Cute Summer Looks for Girls

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Girls’ clothes are so much fun, and dressing up your little girl in cute outfits is one of the best things about being a mom. You can get your girl’s clothes all ready to wear and simply stack them by size so you can dress her up without missing any cute outfits!

1. Frilly Pink Polka-Dot Swimsuit

There is nothing cuter than a bright pink swimsuit with white polka dots and a little frill around the waist. She can move freely and run around in that during the summer months without you having to worry about pulling up her pants or checking to see if her skirt is sliding down.

This is also a great outfit for her to play in the yard and in the kiddy pool without having to worry about getting stains out of her clothes. Swimsuits are pretty dirt-proof.

2. Summery Yellow Daisy Dress

Nothing says summer is here like a beautiful little girl in a summery sun yellow or banana yellow dress, particularly if it has daisies on it. This is the perfect outfit to wear to a church social or a neighborhood block party and just run around in. She’ll be sure to get a ton of compliments about her pretty, sunny outfit.

If your little girl is dark-skinned or has plenty of sunscreen on, try getting a sleeveless sundress. It is even cuter in that version!

3. Denim Dress and Shoes Combo

The matching dress and shoe outfit is already a classic, but nothing pulls it off quite like soft denim. Dress your little girl up in a classic denim dress with a gathered skirt (so she can move around easily on the floor) and little denim booties. The cuteness of this will be astounding.

If she is already walking around, small denim shoes are easy to find and wear. If you want to, you can upgrade her denim dress to a denim romper as she gets older. Just keep buying her progressively larger denim shoes. You could have three or four sets of pictures of her in denim at slightly different ages.

4. Pink Lacy Skirts

There is nothing cuter or sweeter than little girls’ skirts. The most fun kind to put on your daughter are pink lacy skirts, and these will go surprisingly well with a variety of tops.

You can pair her pink lacy skirts with black lacy tops; with a black, pink, or white ballerina leotard; with a bright yellow t-shirt; with a pale or mint green tank top; or just with a white top of any kind. Pink lacy skirts are very versatile.

If you don’t like pink and lace, you can try other skirts on your little girl for the summertime months. A basic green or yellow cotton skirt will go with a wide variety of pink or white tops. A frilly, multi-layered black skirt will go with anything at all, no matter what. And blue skirts are great for blue and white tops.

5. A Green Romper and Hat Set

Another really cute idea is a green romper and hat set. Your little girl will look so sweet and summery playing in a little green jumper with a matching hat. Rompers are great because they also keep her clothes from getting in her way when she wants to transition from running to crawling around.

Also, try an above-the-knee gingham (tiny checkered, with white) romper with a matching gingham hat. For summertime, this will keep her legs cool while she runs around. Use sunscreen for any time she’s out in the sun, of course.

Little girls’ clothes are so much fun! They come in so many adorable patterns, shapes, and colors, and it’s fun coming up with the perfect little outfit.

Sharing is Caring!

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