7 Pocket-Sized Beauty Wonders

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I’m sure if I asked you could name a few of your favourite beauty products that stand on your dresser or fill your vanity. We all have products we love to use every day. I don’t often talk about beauty products so when I come across items that impress me I find I have to share. My current favourites are those pint sized wonder products, the ones that delivery big on their promise but are small enough to slide into your bag.

There 7 small wonders are some of my favourites at the moment:

Drops of Youth Eyes Concentrate, The Body Shop

Tired eyes aren’t just a thing from your late night college clubbing days, parenting has it’s own way of wearing you out. The Body Shop’s Drops of Youth Eyes Concentrate feels cool when it rolls on and the Edelweiss plant stem cells are designed to help reduce the look of lines and fatigue.

Tea Tree Blemish Stick, Thursday Plantation

Acne wasn’t kind to me in my adolescent years and I remember thinking that it would be a stage that would pass but here I am in my forties and I still get the occasional breakout. The Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Blemish Stick is my go-to for those little bumps. I especially love that is a natural product, containing 100% pure Australian Te Tree Oil. (I wrote about one of their products as a natural treatment for that dreaded school condition known as lice).

7 Pocket Sized Beauty Wonders Drops Youth Blemish Stick Quick Study

Quick Study Mental Alertness Remedy, Saje Natural Wellness

I recently discovered Saje Natural Wellness and I just want to try all of their products (and they have quiet a few). They’re Canadian and they make a great variety of natural products for the whole family, two of my favourite things. Right now I’m extolling the virtuies of their Quick Study Mental Alertness Remedy. It’s a roll-on designed to help with concentration and focus using “brain-boosting essential oil blend”. I love it. The scent is intoxicating and I use it every time I sit to write, including right now. Even our Junior Style Blogger has taken to sneaking my stick when working on school projects.

SOS Beauty Kit, My Tagalongs 

Another new discovery for me is My Tagalongs. On a recent family travel trip to Florida their Vitamin Pod Plus Entourage came in so handy for all our family’s med needs. My Tagalong’s SOS Beauty Kit is something every woman should have stashed in her bag. Need a bandage for a blister, elastic for a ponytail, or an earring back? You can find them all in this handy kit for all your beauty emergencies. It’s brilliant!

7 Pocket Sized Beauty Wonders SOS Tagalongs KOSMEA Rose Water

Hydrating Rosewater Mist, KOSMEA

You probably know of my love for KOSMEA products. Their Hydrating Rosewater Mist is one of those products that I thought I would never use but once I started I couldn’t stop. I remember rosewater being something my mother used on her face to refresh. This mist form does the same idea but without messing up your make-up. Forget an afternoon coffee for a perk just give yourself a mist. It really is an amazing product.

Travel Ease Kit, Mereadesso

I think of myself as pretty low maintenance, not following the numerous steps involved with many beauty routines. Mereadesso products understand this stripped back approach to beauty. Their products are designed to combine a number of steps into one product. The Travel East Kit includes a compact collection of their All-in-one Moisturizer (something I’ve enjoyed using myself recently), their Face+Neck Cleanser, and a reusable cleansing cloth all stored in one convenient little pouch. You might think moisturizer out of a package would be a messy prospect but I’ve tried their travel size. The resealable design is easy to use with no mess and no leakage. Now you can freshen up and moisturize anywhere.

7 Pocket Sized Beauty Wonders SkinCeuticals Travel Ease

Phyto Corrective Gel, SkinCeauticals

I have unfortunately inherited rosasea. Though not a terrible case the redness is obvious to others especially if I’m warm or blushing. A product to calm the redness is a specialty item that not everyone would use but it is part of my routine. One such product is SkinCeuticals Phyto Corrective Gel. Although I’m not a fan of the “corrective” or fixing name but in all honesty I am trying to fix something I deem as a flaw in my skin, good or bad. This little green liquid only requires a few drops to rub into my trouble spots, usually my cheeks and chin and it slips into my bag easily for on the go fixes.

So there you have it, the seven mini-sized products that I’m totally in love with lately. They don’t take up a lot of space in my cupboard and their compact enough to fit in my bag, which is a good thing because they usually go with me. What beauty items to you have stashed in your purse that you couldn’t part with?

Sharing is Caring!

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