5 Quick Beauty Tips

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By: Vered DeLeeuw

Being a mom doesn’t mean you should neglect yourself. I always maintain that mothers must take care of their own needs in order to be able to be truly good mothers. No one wants a martyr!

Still, most moms don’t have time to indulge in long beauty rituals. The solution? Quick beauty tips. Follow these to make sure you look your best while still being there to take care of your kids, your house, and your career.

Five Quick Beauty Tips

1. Instead of blow drying your hair straight, try washing it the night before. Allow your hair to air dry overnight, then flat iron it in the morning. You will achieve the same smooth locks in half the time.

2. Speaking of washing your hair, one of the best beauty tips I can think of is to only shampoo your hair three times a week. Washing every day dries your hair out and is absolutely unnecessary for most hair types. This will obviously save you a lot of time too.

3. When you get a manicure or a pedicure, ask the nail technician to cut your nails short and pick a light-coloured nail polish. This will enable you to go longer between salon appointments.

4. If you colour your hair, try to stick with a colour that’s close to your natural colour. The more contrast you have between your natural colour and the hair dye you use, the more often you will need to touch up the roots.

5. One of my favorite quick beauty tips: instead of a full face of makeup, moisturize your face in the morning, then apply one coat of mascara, lipgloss and a little bit of rosy cream blush. You will look pretty in a natural, dewy way instead of “made up” and powdery. If you don’t want to leave your skin bare, use a tinted moisturizer with an SPF instead of heavy makeup. You should only use concealer where you really need it (pimples, dark spots) and blend well.

These quick beauty tips will help you feel pulled together regardless of how hectic your life is. Remember: you deserve it. Moms are people too!

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Sharing is Caring!

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