Winning Isn’t Everything…Or Is It?

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It strikes me that so many of us are racing to win whatever game we’re playing, at whatever cost. The cleanest house, the best food, the nicest gardens, the most money… As we approach Mother’s Day, a common answer to what moms want – you guessed it – a BREAK! Burnout is running rampant amongst moms, whether they work for a paycheck or not.

I talked with Lisa Hartman Black (who plays Lindy in the recently released, Flicka: Country Pride) in hopes of getting her insight about what winning means to her, in her personal life and how it was played out in the movie.

First, a bit of background on the story in the movie. Kelly (Kacey Rohl – Lindy’s teenage daughter), is dealing with the loss of her dad and the possibility of losing the family equestrian business. Kelly seems to be the only hope to save the business by entering an upcoming eventing championship. Her former BFF, Stephanie (Siobahn Williams) has turned against her and, for her, winning is Everything.

Stephanie tells us, “Stephanie’s has had it drilled into her by her mother that she always has to be number one, and she applies that to the rest of her life. In living with those values, she loses sight of what’s really important.”

Lisa shares her definition of winning is staying true to who you are. She saw that in the movie because for Kelly, getting back in the saddle lit up her soul. Surely, if being who we are is the definition of winning — yes, winning would, in fact, be Everything.

This is very personal to me because, in some ways, we walked away from “winning” to stay true to who we are here at EverythingMom. We walked away from opportunities that could have brought us financial gain but personal loss of integrity and even sanity! So, sure. We lost out on some potential financial wins, maybe. But we gained so very much more.

Lisa and I also talked about control. As mothers, many of us are very Type A, in control women. We need to control Everything, as is the case with her character, Lindy, in Flicka: Country Pride. I asked her how she learned to let go of the reins.

I think we all get lost in control and winning from time to time. “It’s all about balance”, says Lisa. Hmmm….

I pressed a bit further about balance with Lisa, I think we landed at a beautiful perspective. It is not about balancing the things in our life, it is about learning to give up control of the things and outcomes in our life. Letting go of this idea that “my way is the best way”, but being ok with what works, regardless of whose way it is. We need to let others in to offer their ideas of what might work. As Siobhan reflects, “It’s about working together and producing results.”

Lisa ended our conversation with a tip that helps her take one day at a time, being in each moment as it is. Every morning when she wakes up, the very first thing she does is make herself smile. Just lay there, and smile. I’ve been trying it and it really is a beautiful practice, I invite you to try it yourself!

And finally, a quote shared by Julie, the wonderful woman behind our weekly meal plans:

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Flicka: Country Pride takes the viewers through a heart warming journey of letting go of control and finding the true meaning of winning. It’s a super family flick with a wonderful message and breathtaking scenery.

Here’s the official release about Flicka: Country Pride

Flicka3 keyartFrom the pages of Mary O’Hara’s popular novel My Friend Flicka, the year’s most inspiring coming of age story arrives just in time for Mother’s Day when Flicka: Country Pride gallops on to Blu-ray and DVD May 1 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. Directed by Michael Damian (Flicka 2, Marley & Me: The Puppy Years), Flicka: Country Pride stars country music superstar Clint Black (Flicka 2), Lisa Hartman Black (“Knots Landing”) and Kacey Rohl (“The Killing”) in a heartwarming adventure for the entire family.

When Toby (Black) takes on a job at a stable with Flicka in tow, the owner’s teenage daughter Kelly (Rohl), quickly bonds with the wild horse. A budding equestrian rider, she hopes to break Flicka for an upcoming competition, despite her mother’s (Hartman Black) disapproval. With the competition approaching, a rival trainer stealing business, and a growing fear they may be forced to sell the stable, Toby steps in to turn things around for Kelly and her mother.

Grammy Award® Winner Clint Black is one of country music’s superstars with over 20 million albums sold worldwide. Having written over 100+ songs including 23 #1 songs Clint is an active philanthropist overseeing numerous charities.

The Flicka: Country Pride Blu-ray and DVD has two behind-the-scenes featurettes on the making of the film and a never-before-seen music video. 

Flicka: Country Pride Blu-ray and DVD Special Features

  • The Making of Flicka: Country Pride – The Legend Continues
  • Black is Back – The featurette focuses on the character of Toby, played by Country Music Superstar Clint Black, his return to the Flicka franchise and how Flicka: Country Pride truly became a family affair.
  • Full-Length Music Video

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