Taking Care of Others Left in the Cold

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Sharing is Caring!

As my kids wrap themselves in warm layers to head outside, I’m reminded that not everyone is as fortunate to have a warm place to sleep at night or a warm jacket to protect against winter’s wind. Urban Barn’s Blanket the Country in Warmth initiative gives you a chance to help those left out in the cold.

Urban Barn is one of my favourite Canadian home stores. Originally opened in 1990 in B.C., Urban Barn now boosts over 40 stores across Canada. We have been doing some of our Christmas shopping in our local store, especially with their current Comfy Womfy event. I love enveloping myself in a big, soft blanket on a chilly day. We spend a lot of time as a family cuddled under them, reading books, telling stories, or watching movies.

For us a blanket is comfort but for many individuals found homeless during the cold months, a blanket can provide much needed warmth. This November, you can help give a person a fleece blanket to combat the cold. For a simple $5 donation to Urban Barn’s Blanket the Country in Warmth, a fleece blanket will be donated to one of 25 shelters in need across Canada. From Covenant House in Vancouver, B.C. to the Halton Women’s Place in Burlington, ON., your $5 donation will ensure that 8,000 blankets will keep those in need warm. You can see which stores are helping which shelters by visiting the site blanketthecountry.com.

Next time find yourself standing in line to buy a specialty coffee to chase away your chills, think about that person sitting outside on the heat grate or the family without a place to call home. Your coffee may keep you warm for the next hour but your $5 donation to Urban Barn’s Blanket the Country in Warmth will keep someone warm all winter. That’s a gift worth giving this season.

Sharing is Caring!

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