Stompin Tom Dies but His Canadian Spirit Survives

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There probably aren’t many Canadians who aren’t familiar with one of Stompin’ Tom Connors’ songs, like Budd the Spud or The Good Ole Hockey Game. Although his music isn’t on my regular playlist, he will be missed.

Stompin’ Tom is one of those iconic characters that live in my memory as a never changing figure. He was old, proud, and looked like he had lived a rough life when I was first introduced to him over twenty years ago, and that image has never changed, but death never seemed to be part of his future in my mind. Even with his passing, his passion for this country still lives on through his music.

As Canadians, we tend to be very subtle about our country pride. We don’t wave the flag and many don’t sing the anthem very loud. We’re happy to live in Canada and that contentment seems to be enough to keep to ourselves. Stompin’ Tom Connors’ music told us stories, replayed memories, and gave us an opportunity to show our pride and it felt good. It feels good. Perhaps we need to play more Stompin’ Tom music to remind us of who we are and why we love the country we live in, even with its faults.

Today, show your Canadian pride and your love of a man who gave us permission to shout it out by listening to a little Stompin’ Tom. Although no where near the list of great songs he recorded in his life time, here are 25 of my favourite tunes:

Bud the Spud: Video / Lyrics

The Ketchup Song: Video /Lyrics

Tillsongburg: Video / Lyrics

The Consumer: Video / Lyrics

Canada Day Up Canada Way: Video / Lyrics

The Bug Song: Video / Lyrics

Snowmobile Song: Video / Lyrics

Hockey Song: Video / Lyrics

Big Joe Mufferaw: Video / Lyrics

Believe in Your Country: Video / Lyric

Alberta Rose: Video / Lyrics

Long Gone to the Yukon: Video / Lyrics

Sudbury Saturday Night: Video / Lyrics

Rubberhead: Video / Lyrics

Luke’s Guitar: Video / Lyrics

Roll on Saskachewan: Video / Lyrics

Muckin’ Slushers: Video / Lyrics

Gumboot Cloggerroo: Video / Lyrics

Maritime Waltz: Video / Lyrics

Margo’s Cargo: Video / Lyrics

Back Yardin’: Video / Lyrics

Bluenose: Video

Black Donnelly’s Massacre: Video / Lyrics

I Am the Wind: Video / Lyrics

Bread and Gravy: Video

Sharing is Caring!

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