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Sharing is Caring!

We all have dreams, things we want to accomplish in our lives, but how many of us realize our potential to accomplish them? American Express Canada thinks there are quite a few Potentialists out there and they want to reward them.

As Amex Ambassadors for 2013, we were asked how we, Michelle and I, realize our potential everyday. That’s a loaded question. The idea of realizing your potential can seem overwhelming. I mean neither of us have a story like fellow Amex Ambassadors Deb and Dave from The Planet D (a couple who gave up their comfortable jobs to live the life of travel they always wanted).

A Potentialist is someone who is optimistic and follows his or her passion. A person who is driven to do something that makes them happy. That’s what EverythingMom means to me, a chance to focus on writing and supporting other mother’s choices to parent and live the life they want without fear of criticism or judgment. That’s just one way I realize my potential.

But not all dreams have to be this big. Many of us realize our potential everyday whether it’s learning to let go of the negative energy that weigh us down or learning something we’ve always dreamed of mastering, like baking or photography. To celebrate the idea of being a Potentialist, American Express Canada has launched a “Realize Your Potential with Pinterest” contest. Pin your own images that inspire you to realize your potential everyday and you could win one of three $5,000 American Express Gift Cards.

Sharing how you realize your potential everyday is easy:

1) Create a Pinterest board entitled Amex Potentialist Canada

2) Repin the following image to your board with the hashtag #PotentialistCanada

AMEX Pinterest HowToEnter Img

3) Pin up to 25 of your own original images to your board remembering to tag each image with the #PotentialistCanada hashtag. That first marathon you completed? Pin it. That sweater you knitted when you decided to follow your passion to learn knitting? Pin it. That first trip you took to conquer your fear of flying? Pin it. Many of use realize our potential every day. Now’s your chance to share.

4) Visit www.rtpwithpinterest.ca to complete the entry form for a chance to win one of three $5000 American Express Gift Cards.

At EverythingMom we strive to realize our potential every day, from the work we do to the parenting life we lead. Visit our Amex Potentialist Canada board to discover how we see ourselves as Potentialists.

Be sure to share how you realize your potential by May 26th, 11:59 pm EST. After that date, we’ll be working with American Express Canada, along with other Amex Ambassadors Hip Urban Girl and The Planet D, to choose the winners of the $5000 American Express Gift Cards.

How do you realize your potential? How do you take your passion to the next level? Create your Amex Potentialist Canada board today and show us.

This post was sponsored by Amex Bank of Canada. The views and opinions expressed in this blog, however, are purely my own.

Sharing is Caring!

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