Open Your Heart to Pets In Need

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Sharing is Caring!

Animals have the ability to raise our spirits, heal our soul, and make us feel loved when we need it most. As February approaches and we prepare tokens of love for those important to us, let’s not forget to open our hearts for those animals that could use a little love in return.

Our pets are more than just animals; they are a part of our family. Unfortunately, not all pets have the love and care of a family to return their affection.  Don Cherry is a devoted pet parent and supporter of local animal shelters. “I really admire people who rescue animals,” said Cherry. “It’s not about how a dog or cat acts or looks. Choosing a rescue is about the desire to truly help an animal; that’s what Show Us Your Heart is all about.”

This February you can show a homeless animal some love by supporting Global Pet Foods’ 7th Annual Show Us Your Heart fundraiser. From February 2 to 16, 2013, simply donate as little as $1 in-store and Global Pet Foods and Hill’s Science Diet will match your donation. Donate $5 or more and Global Pet Foods and Hill’s Science Diet will give you 10 BONUS AIR MILES reward miles. Sine 2006, Show Us Your Heart has raised over $400,000 for local animal shelters and you can help contribute to this year’s campaign.

“Our real customers are the dogs and cats,” said Jim Walker, president Global Pet Foods. “Show Us Your Heart is our way to give back to pets and the incredible local organizations and volunteers that support them in communities across Canada.”

Pets have been always been a part of my family’s life, each one adopted from our local Humane Society. With so many pets without a caring home you can feel powerless to help them all. Global Pet Foods’ Show Us Your Heart campaign is an easy way you can help those pets still in shelters. Simply add on a small donation to your next pet care purchase in-store.  You can even donate right from your mobile phone by texting the word “HEART” to 20222 for a $5 donation.

For the latest pet news and details on their Show Us Your Pet contest, visit Global Pet Foods on Facebook/globalpetfoods. You can also follow them on Twitter.com/globalpetfoods.

This post is sponsored by Global Pet Foods.

Sharing is Caring!

2 thoughts on “Open Your Heart to Pets In Need”

  1. Hi Carrie
    I know this is an old post, but the message is still so important. Recently, a study by Dr Steven Thornton at Bluegreen Economics has shown that pet ownership is beneficial for your health. His statistical analysis says that if there was an increase of 10% more pet ownership it will save our health system $202Million per year!!

    Adopting a pet then can improve a pet’s life and your own!! How awesome is that?


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