One Brave Night Challenge: 24 Hours of Solitaire

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Sharing is Caring!

Child and teen mental health is getting a lot of talk lately, for good reason. It’s not one of those things that only hits “those families”. I say that because it has made its way into my family. As a way to reminder other parents they are not alone and to get more people talking, I’m participating in this year’s CAMH One Brave Night for Mental Health Challenge.

Our Mental Health Journey

When I wrote about the impact my child’s mental health issues has had on me as a parent, I wrote out of a feeling of isolation. Talking about your proactive plan around nurturing your mental health is encouraged, but there’s not a lot of talk about families in the midst of this struggle, a struggle you have little control over when it impacts your child or teen.

That feeling of isolation and solitude led me to participate in this year’s CAMH One Brave Night for Mental Health Challenge. It’s also why my challenge focuses on the game of solitaire, a game you play alone, a challenge you face on your own.

You can see more about why I’m participating in this challenge and how, in the video below:

When my daughter was in hospital due to a mental health crisis, the team reminded us that mental health is no different than physical health. Your body can become ill and damaged just like your mind. Both deserve to be treated.

As part of my challenge, I’m hoping to raise funds for CAMH Priority Fund. The donations collected from all those participating in the challenge will go to support the hospital’s areas of greatest need including innovative research, public awareness and on going redevelopment of the hospital. CAMH offers services and facilities for both adults and youth.

If you want to support my CAMH One Brave Night Challenge for Mental Health, visit my donation page at Even a small amount can make a difference.

I’ll be working hard to stay awake the whole 24 hours, playing solitaire, and will be sharing updates on EverythingMom’s Instagram story. Be sure to follow our channel and help me complete my challenge (keeping me awake).

Parenting can be hard. Sometimes you need help. Supporting organizations like CAMH ensures more families can get the support they need when mental health issues hit.

Thank you! Look forward to you joining me on April 6, 9 a.m.

Sharing is Caring!

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