Mom’s September 2016 Horoscope

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September brings new beginnings for our kids but what’s in store for you? Welcome to a new fun monthly series sharing horoscope’s for mom. A Momoscope. Find out what September have in store for you including your luckiest day of the week this month.

aquarius-1Aquarius – January 21 – February 19
Kids are back in school and with that your desire to volunteer because you know already that the parents running this year’s parent counsel could use some guidance, that’s where you’re a Viking. This month is also ripe for you to try a new skill, perhaps cake decorating. Each attempt means samples and that’s always a nice bonus. Tuesdays are your lucky day but since you don’t believe in luck it doesn’t really mater does it?

Pisces imagePisces

 – February 20- March 20
A field trip lies ahead of you. No matter how much your child’s teacher asks you to volunteer, avoid it at all costs. It can be hard enough rallying your own kids to finish homework, make their bed, tidy their toys, imagine a group of 20 others who owe you nothing! I shudder at the thought. Fridays are your lucky day this month unless it ends up being Wednesday. Just roll with it.

Aries imageAries

 – March 21 – April 20
You are a born leader, just what your local mom’s group needs for their next fundraiser. What do you mean you don’t belong to a mom’s group? Time to start one so you can plan fun events to raise funds for your new found group and a planned spa day (why you need the fundraiser). A happy mom is a pampered mom. Mondays are your lucky day this month because everyone knows it’s the first day of the week (not Sunday, those self diluted individuals).

Taurus imageTaurus

 – April 21 – May 21
Summer has been so busy with the family that you’ve found yourself missing time with just your friends. Good thing you signed the kids up for back to back athletics programs along with your best friend’s children. Now you can use this time to chat over coffee without any guilt. Saturdays are your lucky day this month because when has a Saturday ever been bad?

Gemini imageGemini

– May 22 – June 21
As parents we remind our kids not to accept gift from strangers but when a gift comes your way this month don’t hesitate. Grab it or your nosy neighbour will step in and claim the goods. Don’t be surprised if your neighbour now wants to be your best friend. Tuesdays are your lucky day this month because you always book your hair appointments on Tuesdays and damn you look good when you walk out of the salon.

Cancer imageCancer

 – June 22 – July 22
You’ll find someone in your child’s life is having a hard time this month. Warming that person’s heart with your kind and supportive words will go a long way to elevate this individual’s attitude. So much so that the benefits will be reflected back to you through your child. Sundays are your lucky day this month. With nothing planned, these days help to rejuvenate your soul for the coming week.

Leo imageLeo

 – July 23 -August 21
Although you hate to admit it, luck hasn’t been on your side lately as an individual but maybe it’s because you’re not looking to your friends. The luck of someone close to you will pay off this month if you ensure involve yourself in whatever that person is up to. Is there a department lottery pool going on? Wednesdays are your lucky day this month because it’s the middle of the week and things can only get better (especially if you have lucky number 42).

Virgo imageVirgo

 – August 22 – September 23
Summer is over and you’re already planning for your next vacation. This is the perfect project for you, setting a budget and monitoring those travel sale sites. Nothing will keep you and your family away from the beach this fall, not if you set your mind to it. You might be enlisted by others for your budget discipline once they see your plan’s success. Tuesdays are your lucky day this month because, well, Travel Tuesday. It’s a sign.

Libra imageLibra

 – September 24 – October 23
No surprise your social calendar is filling up even though you prefer a smaller circle of friends. One of these social invitations could lead to a great discovery, perhaps a new hobby or a new friend. Fight the urge to stay home in front of the TV. Instead call a babysitter and enjoy a night out with your partner. Thursdays are your lucky day, well, everyday can feel like your lucky day with the right attitude.

Scorpio imageScorpio

 – October 24 – November 22
Fight the urge to dredge up old feelings from a fight with your best friend earlier this year. You know you’re in the right, anyone who remembers your very effective argument couldn’t help but agree, but you realize your friendship is more important than gloating. Plus, you know your friends is full of really good book recommendations and you could use some new reading material inspiration. Fridays are your lucky day this month because you found a twenty-dollar bill by the bus stop two months ago and that was on a Friday. How can that not be a lucky day?

Sagittarius imageSagittarius

 – November 23 – December 22
The word of the day seems to be mindfulness. This month this becomes more than just a word. Take up a practice that enables you to become more in touch with your inner self. That could be walking, reading but my bet is on yoga, the kind where everyone sits in a room and laugh. Doesn’t that sound awesome? Sundays are your lucky day this month as everyone in the home has a scheduled activity on this day, except for you. Bliss!

Capricorn imageCapricorn

 – December 23 – January 20
Summer spending frenzy is behind you. Now is the time to start boning up on quick and easy school lunch ideas or better still, one-pot dinner options that work for lunch if you just double the recipe. Ignore your child’s cries of “no more sandwiches”. Maybe try cutting it into a different shape for variety. Mondays are your lucky day this month because it represents a fresh start. And what isn’t lucky about starting fresh?

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Note these horoscopes are creative fiction just for a little fun.

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