Meditating Mom: Guided Meditation to Manage Stress

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I just now came across a heartbreaking and devastating story on Oprah about Overwhelmed Moms. Although it aired in October of 2008, I am just reading it now. (Could it be I was too busy at the time to hear the message?)

From Oprah.com — “For any mom who’s ever felt frazzled, overwhelmed or rushed, Oprah says this show is for you. “It’s your wake-up call to slow down,” she says. “What happened to my guest today could so easily happen to any of you.”

meditating_momAnd it can. We all try to be the perfect mom, wife, homemaker, friend, perhaps business owner or employee that we end of loosing sight of the most important things in our life, and in this absolutely tragic case, her child.

Granted, this is the worst possible, extreme situation, but if we all ask ourselves, there have been many small things that slip our mind on a daily basis. Missed appointments, school paperwork, laundry piles, oil changes and the list goes on. Then we begin to notice big things are being dropped. Less and less quality time is spent with our children, spouses, friends and ourselves.

I believe everything starts within ourselves. If we want to dig our way out of overwhelm, we need to go on a journey deep within ourselves. Find out WHY we are trying to do everything, be everything and have everything. We don’t need everything and neither does our family. So we need to stop trying to give it to them and just be there — for them and for ourselves.

For me, this starts with meditation. At the beginning, meditation intimidated me. I was overwhelmed with thoughts and I believed nothing could stop those thoughts to bring me to a calm mind.

Then I discovered an incredible program called Brain Sync. Kelly Howell created these soothing, peaceful guided meditations that carried me off on a wonderful journey every night.

There has been extensive research done on the benefits of meditation for body & soul. Many experts say that meditation is one of the most important things you can do to prevent illness resulting from stress.

What I find helpful with these programs, is I can simply listen. I don’t have to try and stop my thoughts. Kelly’s beautiful voice intertwined with sweet sound frequencies carry me to a higher state of mind, a deeper sense of relaxation which brings incredible insight into what I need to do and who I need to be in my life.

I have been listening to the Brain Sync programs for over 5 years (on and off) now. When I am consistently meditating, I notice dramatic shifts all areas of my life. But specifically, I notice that I no longer operate out of overwhelm. I approach all areas with a sense of direction, creativity, love and peace. (You can read other reviews of the program here or read what scientists think about it here.)  And when I am not meditating – oy – I feel like a crazy bat flapping my wings around in circles not knowing which direction I am going.  Not pretty.

Moms, if you are feeling overwhelmed right now, or if you simply want to experience a deeper sense of yourself gaining clarity and insight, I highly recommend meditation. Regardless of what program you choose (and there are 1000’s).  You can even start with a 4-minute ‘Soft Belly’ meditation.  The point is to step back from the external, even for just a few moments, and just breathe.

Try listening to a free Brain Sync Meditation online to see if it might be something that works for you.

These are my favorite Brain Sync Meditation Programs:

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Guided Meditation:
Awakening Kundalini
Guided Meditation:
Deep Stress Relief
Guided Meditation:
guided meditation guided meditation guided meditation
Guided Meditation:
Guided Meditation:
Guided Meditation
Guided Meditation:

Give it a try. Either on your own or with guided meditation programs like these. I bet you’ll love it.

* In the spirit of full disclosure, there are affiliate links included in this article. I only make personal product recommendations that I believe would powerfully enhance your life.



Sharing is Caring!

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