How to Make Decisions When You are Stuck

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I’m stuck.  I have a choice to make and no idea how to make it. Habitually, I search for answers around every corner. You might find me talking the ears off of of everyone who will listen, or madly searching Google for hints on the next step. There must be answers somewhere. Out there.


I know, deep down, the answer is there. I am just afraid. So many consequences, such a scary place to be.

We all know our answers, the choices that need to be made. I know that. Everyone knows that. But we keep on keeping on because we are afraid. Afraid to make the choices that need to be made. Desperate to keep of the facade of having all the answers.

I think it comes down to doubt. I doubt myself, my capabilities, my choices. I am not sure I really know what the right choice is after all.

So I make no choice. Or I make another choice, about something else, just to say I made a choice.

Clearly not the way to make choices when you are stuck. I need to change that. Here’s my plan:

Get quiet
I find that I get caught up in the noise of the choice. The thought process of the choice. I am down right paranoid of the quiet space, the space that lets me hear what I need to hear. From myself. Not others. Not Google.

Write about the choice
I read a lot. And almost everything I read tells me to write it down. I never do. I just keep reading hoping the answer will somehow assimilate it’s way into my life. That has yet to work out. So here I am, writing it down.

Make little choices
Once I get quiet, start writing – I see some things start to become clear. It is easier for me to make tiny steps toward to choice, trying on the choice to see how it feels.

Do the right thing
So often, I know what is the “right” choice to make, but I choose the easier, safer [wrong] option. Which, turns out being the harder path in the end.

I’m scared.  I’ve gotten quite comfortable at filing the space with anything and everything except making choices.

What helps you make choices when you are stuck?

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Sharing is Caring!

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