Giving on Empty

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Sharing is Caring!

All I could focus on was filling that empty space within me. Work, wine, shopping, running … anything to feel better, good, complete. All consumed with getting, I lost the ability to give.


How could I give to others, when I could not even give to myself? Give what really matters, that is. Love. I am so hard on myself and that translates to judgement on everything and everyone. Yucky to admit, yes. But that is why I’m here. Clearing through the clutter in an attempt to become transparent to myself and those around me

My Life Tips on Giving When You Feel Empty

Give to yourself.
Let up on yourself. Give up the self criticisms, the harsh judgments and all round negative perception of self. Practise itty bitty pieces of self care and grow them into self love. This is always the first step.

Start small.
Appreciate ways in which you are already giving. Find simple ways to give that are not so intimidating. 

Try on the feeling you get when you smile. For no reason, just smile. It will make you feel good and it is easier to give from a space of feeling good.

Drop your demands.
Let go of your expectations to “get something” from “out there” and find ways to meet your own needs. Even for an hour, a day, a week…

Don’t over do it.
I’ve been an all or nothing kind of gal. So when I want to give, I go all out and offer the world to everyone. Of course, then, I crash. Don’t set yourself up for failure. Again, start small.
My point is, to start. Give something, even if it starts with a simple smile.


Image by: Victor Bezrukov

Sharing is Caring!

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