Challenge Yourself: Drink More Water

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Have you ever felt tired for no reason or hungry when you really shouldn’t be? Perhaps your skin just feels dry, irritated and itchy? This may be a sign that your body is dehydrated and you need to drink more water.

Challenge Yourself By Drinking More Water

Drinking more water may seem like a simple tip, but it’s actually a great way to challenge yourself in the new year. Many of us over-value bigger picture goals (like lose 20 pounds or pay off debt), and under-value the smaller goals. What we don’t realize is that the smaller goals, when we prioritize them and turn them into habits, help us achieve the big picture goals even faster! drink more water for moms

Benefits of Small Goal Setting

A personal challenge doesn’t always have to be a monumental task, like keeping the house tidy for more than a week or making everyone’s Christmas gifts by hand this year. Challenges are meant to push you a little, learn new things and perhaps discover a hidden talent. Some challenges are just a matter of making small adjustments to your routine in order to take better care of yourself. Your challenge, should you choose to take it, is simple. Drink more water every day. As soon as you wake-up in the morning or instead of that second cup of coffee, have a glass of water. That’s it!

Why Should You Drink More Water?

Many experts say that you should drink a full glass of water first thing in the morning. I’m not the earliest riser, but I’ve started drinking a full glass of water as soon as I get up. It’s a simple adjustment in my routine but it really has made a difference in how I start the day. But my body needs more than just one glass of wate. And although I try to drink more water throughout the day, I usually fail. For many it’s not that they don’t like water or that they don’t see the benefits to drinking more of it. The issue is remembering to drink it. That’s my challenge and more than likely yours, too. How hard could it be to drink a glass of water in the morning, during your meals, or as part of the kid’s bedtime routine? It sounds easy enough but as the day gets busy, it’s easy to forget. With all the tasks on your To-Do list, it’s not a surprise that stopping for a glass of water just doesn’t fall onto the radar. In steps technology.

Using Technology to Drink More Water

We tend to have our smartphones with us all the time. They help us stay connected with people, enable us to grab impormtu photos, or write a list of items we have to pick-up when we’re out. Why not use it to remind us to drink more water? The easy option is to add a drink water task into your alarm and have your phone chime when it’s time to drink. I opted to go the app way. There are a number of water apps available. I’ve been using the free Android app Water Drink Reminder. Based on my weight, the app tells me how much water I should be drinking each day. It also allows you to customize the glass volume you usually use for one drink. For me, it’s about a 6oz glass. With this data, the app develops a schedule to remind you to stop and drink. I like the alert, the sound of a glass of water being filled, because it triggers an interest in having a drink and it doesn’t sound like every other alert my phone sends me. You can also customize or turn off your alerts. Each time you have a drink, you add a new glass to your record count. The monthly graph also shows how you are doing in achieving your ideal water intake. Last month I only achieved 25% of my water requirements but this month I’m working on getting closer to 50%.

Ready to Drink More H20? Take the Challenge!

My motivation to drink more water is how I feel after the days I increase my water intake. I feel less tired and more energized. I don’t have the desire to eat as often. Therefore, I snack less, especially in the evenings. Overall, I feel so much better. The feeling is like doing a workout, but without the sweat. It’s amazing to think it’s due to simply drinking water! Whether you use an app, your phone’s built-in alarms or a non-tech version, challenge yourself to drink more water this year. You’ll feel the benefits, too!

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  1. Drinking-Water every day should be followed without any doubts…Some times water itself will work as a medicine when you are sick…in case if you don’t drink much water it will cause more big problems.. so never ever skip drinking water.

  2. Drinking water is a must even if it is chilly outside. It will help you wash out your insides and will help to reduce gastrically issues and if you drink 8-10L of water daily then you don’t need any skincare products your skin will give a natural glow. You will never have pimples if you drink 3 Glasses full of water daily empty stomach.


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