Confession Time: Difficult Teen Years

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Sharing is Caring!

The start of a new video series, I confess a few things that are on my mind. This week I’m talking about the teen years. All childhood stages come with parenting challenges, but I think the difficult teen years are the hardest.

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It can often feel like you’re the only one who is dealing with a certain parenting issue. That’s how I often feel about struggles with my teen. Many moms I know relish in the teenage years, saying they are the best so far, and that could be you. However, if you find yourself in this same struggle, below are a few additional posts beyond my confession that reaffirms you (and I) are not alone.

6 Posts to Encourage Parents of Teens

The Emotional Whiplash of Parenting a Teenager

(New York Times) – “Being a teenager is hard – being the parent of a teenager may be even harder.”

Tough Teenage Years: Problems That Can Blindside You (Working Mother) – “Minimizing the destructive decisions that come with being a teenager is one of the most important jobs a parent can do.”

Imperfect Parenting of Teenagers. Here’s How we Roll (English Mum) – “I think the biggest thing is getting over the sheer TERROR of parenting teens: the having to let go, and not always know exactly where they are.  It’s the lessening of control.”

Dear parents of teens: This.Is.Hard. (Today) – “The mixture of indescribable joy and unspeakable sorrow throws you for a loop. It’s a lot to keep up with.”

Yeah, Parenting Teens is Crazy Hard (Finding Joy) – “They want to be independent and they struggle with the emotions of growing up and puberty and they don’t know how to treat everyone and sometimes they take it out on the person they know WILL NEVER GIVE UP ON THEM.”

Confirmed: Parenting a Teen can be Really, Really Hard (Chicago Now) – “I’m pretty sure that parenting never gets easy, no matter how old your children are. I am also fairly certain that parenting a teen is not for the faint of heart.”

Would you agree that parenting a teen is tough? What parenting stage has been the most challenging for you? Confession is good for the soul.

Sharing is Caring!